The Magic 3 Steps for Success + My Mum Special Guest! | Ruth Noel

In today’s video, I am joined by mum, Shirley. I’ve got her as a special guest and she is going to give you some quick tips!

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These are the same key inspirational tips she drilled into my head as a child!

She is a grandmother and lecturer with a part-time job as well that she loves.

She currently works a lot… like 7 days a week….
So that’s why I am even more passionate about helping people to create more free time and bring in the online business! Time to see growth and more freedom with God’s grace.

“So yeah what did you teach me when I was in school mum?….”

The 3 C’s

My mum showed me at a young age that education is really, really, seriously and she has self-achieved completing Three Degrees while studying.

“What you start you finish and be the best at what you do!”

This helped me to be successful with who I am as Ruth!

Commitment, consistency and concentration.

But have to take some credit because I think I was naturally like that anyway! Aha! Apart from the times I rebelled as a teenager!
Thank you for your help mum.

Yes, it’s challenging, but even in my favourite book The Compound Effect, which you have to read, Darren Hardy mentions consistency is key!

The compound effect is all about consistency which my mum actually told me like years before I even read the book.

“Sometimes we feel alone as online entrepreneurs…”

Every day you’re just sitting there on the laptop typing away…. and you can’t see the results immediately and we all have that instant gratification desire! Yes, we all go through it, but that’s not what it’s really about.

You have to keep going keep going with whatever you’re doing even if you’re working a regular job.

And remember to enjoy the simple things, as well just concentrate on the ones that concentrate on what is important to you what are you looking to achieve and the simple things that make you happy as well.

“Don’t quit which is what my mentors tell me!”

if something looks like a failure, it’s basically feedback for you to see how to improve it and then as long as you keep trying you’re not really failing. It’s only if you quit that you fail.

I love that I was really good because I can apply education to how can I help the next person.

On that note, we’re gonna wrap it up, but another thing that my Mum told me is to get your qualifications because no one can take that away from you!

What I mean is when you learn something and when you get an education in marketing no one can take that away from you and you can use it to keep growing no matter what.

What do you have that no one can take away from you?

I hope you’ve had this useful.

Thanks Mum for coming on and doing this video and showing yourself to the world! I love you.


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