The Business Side of Being a Freelance Creative

Terms & Conditions is dedicated to offering a helping hand to the entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives of the world. In the same way personal trainers help you hit the mark with your fitness goals, we are here to ensure you hit your business goals. From taxes to contracts, business structures and budgets, we help with all aspects of running a successful freelance business. As the age old saying goes, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll get it every time.” And unfortunately, this what so many small business owners are doing; lost without any direction or idea of where to aim, or even worse, what to aim at. We are here to help clear the confusion and uncertainty that bogs so many people down. At Terms & Conditions, we take a friendly approach to coaching you through the in’s and outs of managing your business.

Topics To Be Covered:
Understanding Common Business Structures (LLC, S-Corp, Sole-Proprietorship)
Taxes for the Self-Employed & Freelancers
General Filing Obligations for Freelancers
Common Tax Breaks & Business Deductions
Sales Tax in NYC
Goal-Setting for a Small Business
Investing & Retirement For Freelancers
Financial Principle Basics
Budgeting for Business Basics
Business Insurance (Liability & Equipment)

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