The Best Sole Trader Accounting Software UK

Here is a short summary of the best sole trader accounting software UK, 5-minutes read. As every entrepreneur knows, everything is becoming digital. This year HMRC implemented its Making Tax Digital initiative reporting 1.2 million.  Companies registered with VAT that earn £ 85,000 plus billing to file returns online. These companies must now submit their quarterly VAT returns under the new system.

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The Best Sole Trader Accounting Software UK 1
However it should not stop there, it will be extended to include income tax and corporate tax from 2021 onward. As it is inevitable that small business accounting software is transferred to all SMEs.  It is time to save paper and pencil (or your independent Excel spreadsheet). To help you make a decision we are looking for the best accounting software packages for small businesses in the UK in the marke


5 of the best sole trader accounting software UK:

1. FreeAgent

FreeAgent asks for “mission control for their own business” and they are not kidding.  So FreeAgent in the United Kingdom began more than ten years ago in 2007.  When three independent developers frustrated by accounting and inefficiency decided to create their own accounting. Today FreeAgent has a staff of 170 employees and has contributed more than 70,000.  Small independent entrepreneurs and their accountants with the accounting work. His model was so attractive that Royal Bank of Scotland bought the founders of £ 53 million in 2018.

2. Intuit QuickBooks

The parent company Intuit was established in 1983.  And the QuickBooks brand was introduced in 2002 with QuickBooks Online two years later. Today QuickBooks has 2.2 million users in 225 countries. Ingenious features include a customer portal, where customers can view, print and pay bills and a customer relationship management (CRM) system, which helps you keep up with your customer database.  Your report installation is ahead of competitors like Xero when it comes to customization.

3. Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage, another payment processing platform based in the United Kingdom, began life in 1981 when its founder contacted Newcastle University students to ask them to help develop an automatic accounting process program. Jumping almost 40 years and Sage now has 13,000 employees in 23 countries serving more than three million companies that use their software. Sage says it helps companies in the United Kingdom create more than 500,000 invoices every month, process 700,000 transactions to process and sell 1.5 million products.

4. Xero

Winner of the accounting software provider of the year at the 2019 British Business Awards this year.  Xero describes himself as “a beautiful accounting software” that offers free updates to unlimited users. Founded in 2006 Xero has more than 1.8 million users in 180 countries based in New Zealand and is used by more than 16,000 meters.

5. Zoho Book

Zoho Book is a cloud-based accounting package compatible with MTD that integrates with 44 other applications in the Zoho family, for example, the popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. With regard to functionality, Zoho or its brands are small accounting software companies in the United Kingdom. Which are linked to their bank accounts and generate estimates and invoices allowing you to resolve billing and payments. Standard features in entry level accounting rooms are rare.

A special feature is that Zoho spends on the conversion of multiple transparency, only available in the upper layer of Xero, which allows you to bill foreign customers in your currency and convert payments back to the currency. You for accounting purposes. Another ingenious feature is its automatic scan function, which allows you to scan and load invoices directly. Other accounting software packages for small businesses often buy software to allow scanning and loading.


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