Texas Sales Tax Refund for International Tourists

When visitors from foreign countries make certain purchases while traveling in the United States, many of them pay sales tax on almost all items purchased. Of course, you might think these pesky taxes are refundable when you leave the United States, especially if you received Value Added Tax (VAT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST) refunds when you visited and Purchased at other international destinations. However, few states in the United States allow foreign tourists to claim a refund of the sales taxes they have paid during their visit. So now we will talk about the Texas sales tax refund for international tourists.

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Texas Sales Tax Refund for International Tourists

Foreign visitor tax refunds

Currently, Louisiana and Texas are the only states that offer sales tax refunds to all foreign visitors or non-renters. Starting in 2020, the state of Washington plans to refund some sales taxes to some Canadian visitors and US residents residing in certain qualifying US states or possessions. The refund process and the requirements for each of these states are different. You need the correct forms, documents, and records to successfully claim your refund. Within each state, you have more than one choice of sites that you can visit to request your refund before leaving the United States or the specific state.


Sales tax refund process

foreign visitors to Louisiana can easily qualify for sales tax refunds by shopping at designated Louisiana tax-free shopping locations throughout the state. Eligible stores include more than 1,000 participating retailers in many major cities. They range from nationally known department stores to manufacturers’ direct sales malls, retail clubs, and speciality stores.

You will need to present a photo ID at the time of purchase at each store to receive proof of sales tax refund on your selections. To process your refund, you will take your passport, refund vouchers, purchase receipts, and return an international plane ticket to a refund center. In addition to the New Orleans airport, you can submit refund requests at banks and at some shopping malls in larger cities, including New Orleans. You can get cash if your total refund is $ 500 or less.


Texas Sales Tax Refund Procedures

Foreign buyers in Texas also have airport and mall options for sales tax refunds. Eligible purchases include goods you purchased from participating Texas duty-free stores no later than 30 days before your scheduled departure. Registered retailers include stores that sell jewelry, electronics, fashion, cosmetics, and food in all price ranges. You can find some located in shopping malls and points of sale, department stores or big discount buyers. In Texas, there are currently no membership stores participating in the program.

Eligible items must be unused and offline, and must be submitted when requesting a refund. You will need to show basic retail receipts that include at least $ 12 in sales tax per storefront. Visit one of the many “Texas Tax Back” offices to get refunds before you leave the state. Your passport and photo ID require refunds, as well as a valid tourist visa, if applicable. Your international itinerary, boarding pass, or I-94 if you drove to Texas from another part of the country.


Can I get a refund of the sales tax paid?

Normally, there is no sales tax refund available if you took possession of the seller’s item in a particular state. In the United States, sales tax is imposed at the point of transfer of title or possession. Therefore if a non-resident visitor to the United States purchases taxable property.  And takes possession of the property at the retailer’s location.  The sales tax is due and the sales tax is generally refunded only because the property is ship to the United States. The United States differs from many other countries with a VAT structure.  Where it is more common to receive such a refund. If the retailer ships the goods from the United States to the nonresident’s location in another country.  Then the sales tax is normally not due. However the retailer must export the goods and the customer cannot take possession of the goods in the United States.


Before you go, I hope this above article Texas sales tax refund for international tourists is helpful for you. For more information speak to a tax advisor or search the government site for tax refunds.


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