Tax Twerk– Crucial Partner for Start-Ups

For the past 5 years I’ve been working with many clients who are about to start a new business or have been running businesses for a little while.

We have learned a lot about the difference in the success rate of businesses who hired bookkeeping services from the start as compared to using these services after businesses have been running for a little while already.

2 out of every 3 start-ups fails in the first 3 years – and from my experience this is because they don’t get a handle on the cash flow. But you can start-up the right way and guarantee that you have long-term success.

When we are approached by a fairly new business, but that has been running for a few months, it is usually because that business is in trouble. Issues are often related to lack of cash-flow and budget blow outs as well as administration and system problems. The owners are slowly drowning in paperwork, rising expenses and not enough income. The stress that is associated with this is often overwhelming!

Most of the time we can help these businesses, solve the issues at hand and assist the owners into a bright future.

When we partner with a start up from the very beginning, ideally even before the doors open – the outcome is very different. With us in their corner, with consistent and ongoing support and access to our expertise the owners are running businesses with tight budgets, without cash-flow issues and are generating profit and growth quickly. These owners are loving life and the fact that they are seeing their dreams come true!

When you are starting a business and money is tight, spending more on an accountant or bookkeepers might seem counter intuitive. However, the amount of money our affordable online bookkeeping services can save you, makes investing in our services more than worthwhile, let alone the fact that the chance of your business becoming a success is much greater with us by your side!

So start the right way, even if you’re on a tight budget, get us involved from the start!

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