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Tax refund for nurses overview

Taxes the word five letters that each person has to come in April. If you are working as a registered nurse, you may have graduated from 1040EZ and have some additional steps to take when filing your taxes. Tax refund for nurses (We want us to also return to the one page form!) While the deductions are clear (student loan, dependent or charitable donation interests, for example), did you know because of your career, which additional nursing may have tax deductions what can he be losing? You should consult a tax professional to make sure you are maximizing your tax refund against the tax code (since they are not CPA), but it is also good to be prepared before you begin. Start with these 2017 tax tips, then take a deep breath and get ready!

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Visit the IRS website for tax advice for nurses

nursing trips Nurses work against Diem. The nurses themselves are companies. Each nurse has a unique situation depending on their specialty, or even their status, so they may be entitled to more tax deductions as a work nurse than they understand. Some of these will be on your form, but because the rules change, it is always a good idea to check the IRS website for a complete list of the allowed nursing tax deductions. Remember that regulations change, so check the website long before you start preparing to make sure you have the most accurate information. While it is a useful guide for your old tax return, don’t trust everything you did last year. If you have all the new information you need before you start presenting, stress and panic will be greatly reduced.


What detailed deductions do I qualify for?

We know that you would prefer to spend time reviewing surgery than checking your records for deductions, but it is important to check every detail to maximize your reimbursement. You should also make sure that you are paying the correct amount if you are owed, since no one likes to make an over payment. Again, there will be a difference between the tax deduction situations of each nurse, but here are some things to keep in mind. The following is a list of the non-refundable costs of employees that you, as a nurse, could cancel if you choose to break down your deductions:

  • Items purchased for your work. Good news! You can make the necessary items to do your job, such as scrubs, shoes or specific equipment. According to the IRS, “work clothes and uniforms” are eligible for deduction “if necessary and are not suitable for daily use.” It is important to keep in mind that you are not entitled to tax deductions on nursing uniforms. Or scrub if your employer paid you for these items. Check with your employer to confirm and read Publication 529: Miscellaneous Deductions and Issue No. 514: Commercial costs for employees for more!
  • Licenses and union duties. Renewing your nursing licenses and duties for a union is usually eligible for deduction.
  • It can be difficult to claim educational costs for your taxes. If you completed your RN-BSN degree last year or continued with your MSN or received a certificate, you may be entitled to a tax credit or a tax deduction. It may be suitable for some different



  • Educative credit
  • Tuition and deduction of fees
  • Student loan interest deduction
  • [GA] Qualified student loan
  • Qualified education costs
  • Commercial deductions for work-related education
  • Qualified work-related education
  • Education required by the employer or by law
  • Education to maintain or improve skills

For work-related deductions, first check with your employer or contract. Each of these has detailed eligibility criteria, so it is very important to visit the Tax Benefit for Education section of the IRS website to see if you qualify.

  • Travel expenses. Travel nurses, keep in mind! This could include parking, mileage, tolls and public transportation costs. If you drive for work (not counting commuting), it is a good idea to track your mileage. Keep a laptop in your car or use a convenient application.


Detailed deduction compared to standard deduction

Tax refund for nurses when you know for which deductions you are eligible, it is important to know the difference between a detailed deduction and a standard deduction, because you must choose between the two. You cannot claim detailed expenses for your work uniform, for example, and also claim the standardized deduction. First, add all the deductions for which you qualify (those we have discussed here, if you qualify, plus any other person). If this number is greater than the standard deduction, go to the specified route.

The standard deduction may vary from year to year, so visit the IRS website to get the current number. As nurses, we recommend that people seek advice from health professionals when necessary. And we suggest you do the same with your taxes if you need help or have questions. Again, as a health care university, we do not offer tax advice, therefore, consult a tax professional before applying any of these tips.


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