Tax Deductions for Church Donations

Is my church donation tax deductible? Yes, but it is a good idea to check the rules first. The Internal Revenue Service allows a person or business to claim federal tax deductions made from a church or other qualified charity. The contribution can be cash or property. A breakdown is needed for charitable deductions or to claim a church deduction on federal taxes. So now we will talk about tax deductions for church donations.

Here are two things that you will need to do for your tax return:

  • List your personal deductions and
  • Document your donation

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Tax Deductions for Church Donation 1

Church deductions

You can only deduct a donation to your church if you include your personal tax deductions on Schedule A. IRS This severely restricts the actual number of people who can make such deductions. Item deductions are items that taxpayers can take each year for certain personal expenses, such as mortgage interest, property taxes, state income taxes, certain medical expenses, losses from accidents and thefts, and charitable contributions. Individual taxpayers have the option of itemizing their deductions or taking the standard deduction set by the IRS each year.

Only taxpayers whose total item deductions exceed the standard deduction should list their deductions. Taxpayers who do not make a particular item receive no deduction from their charitable contributions (or any other itemized deduction). Therefore, from a tax point of view, charitable contributions are useless to non-taxpayers. So far, Congress has not allowed efforts to allow items not deducted to deduct at least some of their charitable contributions. This is why statements made by churches and other public charities about fundraising requests, for example, “your contribution is tax deductible,” are often misleading. It would be much more accurate to say, “Your contribution may be deductible if you list your deductions on your tax return.”


You need to file your donation

In addition, you must document your subscriptions. You cannot claim a tax deduction without written documentation to support a donation. It’s no exception, even if you only put a few dollars on a collection plate each week.

The amount of documentation you need depends on the size and nature of the donation. For monetary donations of less than $ 250, all you need is documentation showing the name of the church and the date and amount of the contribution. You can use a bank statement or other documentation from your own records confirming that the payment has been made. If you hand over cash, you will not have a bank record of the donation. Therefore, you must obtain a written record of the church donation. It can be a receipt, a letter or any other document or document as long as you have all the necessary information.


The written acknowledgment must include:

  • the name of the church
  • cash contribution amount
  • the date of the contribution, and
  • A statement that the church did not provide goods or services in exchange for their contribution, if any.

You do not need to submit this documentation with your tax return. But it should be available if the IRS audits you and your deductions are questioned.


Before you go, I hope this article summing up tax deductions for church donations is helpful for you.




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