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Tax Attorney Near Me – Guidelines

Thinking, ‘How do I find a tax attorney near me‘?

Don’t get stuck guessing. Here is a guide about how to find your best tax attorney.

The first thing you can do is a Google search for tax attorney near me with your location and call the first 5 accountants or tax professionals that you can find.

If you would like to dig a bit deeper then read our guidelines below.


Getting Started

One of the first places you can begin your search is Tax Relief Attorneys LLC.

This is a national tax relief company whose staff includes tax attorneys, certified public accountants and registered agents.

They help taxpayers file taxes, reduce the amount owed to the IRS and the state, release tax deductions and liens, stop foreclosures and negotiate secrets such as payment agreements and current uncollectible status. 

The first step is to investigate your tax situation.

The second stage is to carry out a financial analysis to determine your ability to pay.

When they have completed the Investigation and the financial analysis, they will make recommendations on the best solution for your case.

They advise you on all available options and answer all the necessary questions about the process.

They help deal with issues with the IRS and state governments, which means that all taxes filed on time.

Here is client feedback on how tax attorneys have helped them:

  • I had to file the income tax and I received Tax Assistance from the Prosecutor online. I contacted them and had a positive experience working with their tax relief lawyer. There was communication in progress. There were a number of people throughout the process, but they were all able to answer questions or facilitate the process, as well as mediate my paperwork and everything with the IRS. They worked on my behalf. In addition, the payment plan they offered was flexible. He rolled the ball while processing and linked with the IRS.
  • Working with RIA presented income taxes without stress. I was in the middle of taking care of my stepmother who had breast cancer in four of them when I contacted them. I kept getting all these letters and the bad ones from the IRS regarding baggage defects. There were so many things that I was dealing with that I needed to go to a third-party to deal with the IRS problem. RIA took over the IRS. I was in the midst of a crisis at the time, so I helped them work enormously to eliminate the burden. I would definitely recommend them.
  • I had a problem with the IRS and I called a tax attorney. Their representatives did a good job answering all the questions I had and they helped me figure out all the paperwork. The process took a while but it was not the fault. Ken worked the longest with me. He did a good job to send me an email and get back to me. In the end, it was a good deal and everything worked. The lawyer was tax-free and addressed my problem. It was a great burden for me. I would recommend them to anyone.


Tax Attorney Near Me – When Would You Need a Tax Attorney?

The Internal Revenue Service has its fingers in many sectors and not all are related to individual income tax returns.

States must file returns and companies must also do so.

You may need the help of a tax attorney when handling any of these cases:

  • You expect to have a taxable estate when you die. Since 2018, this means that the total value of the properties will be more than $ 5.6 million, or $ 11.2 million if you are married, although this threshold increases every year. Your states would have to pay an estate tax of up to 40 percent of the balance on these amounts since 2018. A tax attorney can help you design estate planning strategies to help you stay below the exemption threshold and a large amount. As a result, this helps to avoid your estate goes to taxes.
  • You are starting a business and you have a lot of questions that you’re confused about. E.g. What type of commercial entity should you establish? Do you want to incorporate? Can you act as sole owner? Any business configuration you choose will have tax consequences. The tax professional can advise you on the tax structure and treatment of a business, including some non-tax personal development issues that you might not otherwise consider.
  • He enters an international business and needs help with contracts, tax treatment and other legal matters.
  • You intend to sue the IRS, are under criminal investigation by the IRS, or would like to request an independent review of your case before the US Tax Court. 


What You Should Look For in a Tax Attorney:

If you want to how to choose the best tax attorney near me always be sure to choose someone who has experience with your situation.

His/her experience must focus more on the legal implications of your tax situations while saving you as much tax money as possible.

For example, tax attorneys for doctors will have full knowledge of how the medical field works behind the scenes.

In addition, they must be admitted to the bar.

However, these are only the minimum requirements to practice any form of law.

In addition, tax lawyers must have advanced training in tax law.

Most of them will have a Master of Laws (LL.M.), called LL.M.

Some tax lawyers also have accounting experience, although they are not primarily concerned with the preparation of tax returns.

If you are looking for help to file a tax return it’s smart to contact a CPA or tax professional instead and you’ll save more money.

However, if you are facing complex accounting, as well as legal material, you may want to seek a lawyer who is a certified public accountant so you can cover both bases.

They are rare and, often, expensive, but they are out there.

Faithful in your success! 


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