Swedish girl learns how to twerk | TWERK TUTORIAL


I love to dance and especially to reggaeton/afrobeat music. I’ve always wanted to learn how to twerk and today I get a lesson from a PRO!! @Vikkistwerk teaches twerking in Stockholm; it’s fun, you meet new people and it is a really good work out!

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My playlist with all the songs from this video:

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· FAQ ·

♥ Where are you from? Sweden/Germany/Austria/The Ocean (aka Mermaid)
♥ What camera do you use? GoPro Hero 5 with a Rode Microphone
♥ How tall are you? 1.86 meters.
♥ What does it mean to be a Digital Nomad? To work from anywhere in the world (from a sofa, at a café etc) with any digital tool (laptop, phone, camera etc). I’m still figuring out and will let you know yeaaah!
♥ How many countries have you traveled to? From the age 19 I’ve been to 40 countries.

Yes you can! Be capable of anything and remember that the best friend in life is YOU – treat yourself well.

Loads of love,

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