Studies Show Husbands Stress Their Wives More Than Kids

Working, raising a child, and keeping a balanced relationship with their significant other gives married women quite a bit of stress. You’d think it’s mostly kids that give their moms every reason to be worried. However, a Today Show survey of more than 7,000 married ladies in the US revealed that 46% of them feel like it’s their husbands and not their kids that give them a hard time!

Do you know, for example, that men tend to act like kids for way longer than women? 11 years longer, to be precise, according to a study commissioned by Nickelodeon UK. This means that most women stop acting like little girls and building sandcastles of illusions at the age of 32 while men don’t mature until they’re 43 years old! Moreover, 8 out of 10 British women who took part in the study were positive that men don’t mature fully at all.

A husband acts like an extra child 1:10
It affects the relationship with their kids 2:30
The household chores a woman does become overwhelming 4:49
A woman feels guilty and lacks free time 7:14

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– A 2016 study by Cornell University and University of Minnesota scientists proved that it’s dads who have more fun with their children while mothers take the load when it comes to responsibility.
– Mothers are more concerned with issues related to the upbringing, discipline, health, and educational development of a child. Women follow the daily routine of children more, give them instructions, and forbid many shenanigans.
– It’s better to stick to unity. If one parent forbids something for a child, the other parent should support this decision.
– According to a study by Sarah Damaske, a professor of labor and employment at Pennsylvania State University, doing household chores brings both sexes more stress than office work.
– Equally shared household responsibilities are one of the top contributors to a successful marriage. Both spouses should appreciate the efforts of the other.
– When women try to do everything in the 24 hours of one day, they often have to rush, making mistakes and experiencing time stress, according to Dr. Albrecht’s classification.
– The responsibility for children, a husband, and a household lies with the woman, and she may feel guilty when something goes wrong.
– Stress can lead to divorce and have a negative effect on a person’s health. That’s why it’s important to try your best to create less stress in the life of your beloved family.

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