STEP-BY-STEP: Start Dropshipping w/ Only $50 in 2018 Using Free Traffic

Tutorial: Learn how to start dropshipping in 2018 with just $50 using free traffic.


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To start a dropshipping store in 2018 with only $50, you just need to follow these 3 steps:

1) Create a dropshipping store with Shopify ($29 + $13 for a domain)

2) Optimize the Shopify store for free SEO traffic

3) Create a free Facebook page and use a like ad campaign to get initial likes ($7)

The total cost to start dropshipping then is just $49 (under the $50 budget!).

Step 1: Create a Shopify Dropshipping Store

The easiest and fastest way for beginners to get started is to use Shopify to create the dropship store, which is why we recommend it over Woocommerce to most beginners (even though Woocommerce is cheaper).

Click here to watch a step-by-step tutorial:

In addition, you will also need to purchase a domain name for your store. You can save money by purchasing it with Namecheap, but we recommend most beginners purchase it through Shopify. It will cost an additional $2.31 to do so, but it will make the setup process much easier.

Step 2: Optimize Your Store for Free SEO Traffic

Here are 5 ways to optimize your store for free to get search engine optimization traffic (SEO) from Google:

1) Pick a keyword for each product. Choose a keyword that is a “long tail keyword” – this means you should pick a keyword that is 3-4 words long and is very descriptive.

2) Put the keyword in your product page title. You should put the keyword as close to the start of the title as possible.

3) Create a product description that is at least 400 words long. Google likes to see lots of words on a page. You should make sure that the description is very descriptive and use LSI keywords.

4) Use your chosen keyword in your product description. You should aim for a keyword density of between 1-2%. So if your product description is 400 words long, aim to use the keyword 4-8 times throughout your product description.

5) Add your keyword to your first product image. This is called the meta keyword tag. You can add it in Shopify very easily by simply hovering your mouse over an image and clicking the “alt” button, and typing in your chosen keyword.

SEO traffic a great way to make free sales, but it is a lot of work. If you’re serious about getting SEO traffic, then we strongly recommend researching more about it and learning about “backlinks” which is an advanced search engine optimization tactic.

Step 3: Create a Free Facebook Fanpage

By growing a free Facebook fanpage, you can direct traffic from it to your Aliexpress Shopify store and make sales. In addition, having a big fanpage associated with your store will help your SEO as Google will view your store as a social media authority.
To get your store started, run a small like ad campaign to get a base of likes and grow your fanpage from there. Here is how you can do it:

1) Create your fanpage and add content to it. Add 10 high-quality images that have creative commons licensing attached to them (or that you get permission to repost).

2) Create an ad and use “engagement” as the setting.

3) Select “likes” as the form of engagement.

4) Select the audience to target. Aim for an audience size of between 700,000-1 million users. Don’t worry about flex targeting/overlapping audiences. Just select keywords until you reach the audience size you want. Select USA residents only, and make sure to exclude people who already like your page.

5) Choose mobile only placement.

6) Add a great looking relevant image to your ad.

7) Run the ad for 7 days for $1/day.

At the end of the ad, you’ll have a base of likes and you’ll have only spend $7.

In total, you’ll only spend $49 setting up your store. There is one big question left to answer…

QUESTION: How can you pay for the items customers buy from you?

ANSWER: With a credit card! By the time your payments clear, you’ll be able to pay off the credit card without paying any interest.
And remember – while you can start dropshipping with just $50, free traffic methods are slow and difficult to scale. That is why we recommend that you use paid traffic methods if you want to make money – fast!

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