Social Media Strategy for Accounting Firms

Many accountants seem to shy away from social media, perhaps because they prefer to avoid knowledge as a way to protect the privacy of their clients. However, accountants are gradually turning to social media platforms to market their businesses, research competitors, and verify potential hires. A smart social media marketing strategy enables you to connect with a greater variety of leaders and colleagues and helps you grow your business. So now we will talk about social media strategy for accounting firms.

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Why should you focus on social media?

Social media platforms provide a level of market exposure that goes far beyond past marketing campaigns. They allow you to connect with current and potential clients in real-time.  In a very personal way and require very little financial investment. If accounting firms in your region were reluctant to jump on social media.  This gives you an opportunity to outperform the competition. Establishing your own social media presence helps keep your brand in front of customers.  And you can establish your business as a trusted thinking leader.


What social media channels feel accountants?

Establishing a presence on LinkedIn Facebook and Twitter makes it easy for leads.  Prospective employees and other contacts. While of course you want to maintain your company’s website in a professional manner.  These social media platforms are very helpful in attracting visitors to your site.  And by extension to your company. Accountants who use social media for business typically use one or more of the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn


How to make a social media marketing strategy that works

Wondering how to create a social media marketing strategy from scratch? A good first step is to search for your company name online. Did you find any mention of your business on blogs news articles or social media channels? If so you have a starting point to understand where you already have little online presence.

Then, do the same with your competitors to find out which online territory they claim. Join the social media pages where you or your competitors are commenting.  And follow the blogs and media outlets that are already giving you free publicity. All the information you get from this exercise helps you begin to map out your marketing strategy.  And learn how to present your business to your specific customers.

In the past you expected customers to spread positive verbal information about your business.  But with social media.  You can show the world a number of good reviews. As part of your social media marketing strategy.  Ask your best customers to enjoy your social media pages leave comments and suggestions. This type of informal reference is likely to open new expectations. In fact in a world where dinners go to public review sites before choosing restaurants.  Many potential customers may want to see this type of social proof before seriously considering their business.

Your social media marketing strategy should be in line with the rest of your marketing campaigns. As your sales and marketing teams focus on attracting new customers through outbreaks, such as seminars and networking events, you can attract leads to your company through social media platforms.


Social media applications and tools

The more you post on your social media platforms, the more likely you are to see in the areas of customer engagement and increased traffic. Not posting regularly can have a negative effect on your business’s attitude, as it sends a message that you are not interested in your customers. Whether updating your time on social media pages with relevant and interesting content depends on some tools to optimize your use of social media.

  • Buffer, a social media management tool specifically designed for businesses, allows you to schedule up to 2,000 jobs in advance and helps you manage up to 25 different social media platforms at once. The easy-to-use tool provides advanced analytics to help you understand how readers get your posts, so you can continually refine your social media marketing strategy.
  • Social Oomph offers specific social media management features for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Plurk. It also automatically integrates your website blog with your social media feeds to optimize your content creation on as many platforms as possible.

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