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If you heard that you can only pay to see ads, yes, it is true. But there are many more that you should know. This article tells you the most important facts and the facts about this. It shows you some of the very real websites or applications paid by people like you to see comments. Going back to the see ads and earn money app, it’s true: you can pay to see ads.

There are websites or applications that pay for televisions, videos or movie viewers online to watch ads. These companies work with advertisers or brands that want to promote their products or services through online TV channels, movies or videos. Advertisers pay these companies and share the income with members, users and signatories. You can start earning by signing with companies that pay to see and even listen to ads.

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Slide Joy

Slide Joy is at the top of this list just because it is longer. This application rewards you for doing your daily telephone activities. I am talking about your phone to unlock, check your email and the routine things you do when using your phone.

Is that how it works?

  • SlideJoy will send you newsletters and news stories on the home screen of your phone?
  • Then you have two options: 1. you have left a slide to verify the ad (sometimes it may interest you), or 2. A slide to the right to go to the home screen and what you want to do. To make
  • The beauty of this application is that no matter how you slip, you are rewarded with points.
  • When you have enough points in your account, you can request payment in cash through PayPal.

Check out my favourite picks-

App Nana

Nana App also rewards you for watching ads, playing games and trying new applications. These points are called “Nanas,” and you can redeem your points for each type of prize, including iTunes and Amazon gift cards, paid apps for free paid games and more. This application does something that no other application has: it gives you a reward for visiting the application every day. That’s right, you earn 400 Nanas daily to visit the application. When you decide what you can redeem your points, they will tell you and send you their prize within 48 hours.


this is a very different type of application, which makes money on your phone fun and very interesting. AdFun is a type of profit configuration based on social networks. It means being paid with your friends. You create teams and watch ads together to earn points that are then used to get tickets to win prizes. Prizes include MacBook Air, a Keurig coffee maker and much more. The more ads you search, the more tickets you get, which increases your risks and more things to win. You can also earn points by watching videos yourself, conducting surveys, playing, etc.


This application is available on iOS and Android phone. The good thing about this application is more than just watching advertising videos. It is a task application that also pays you for tasks such as scanning products and storing more as a Shopkick application. The smallest cash is $ 1.00, and you can withdraw your amount by creating a few hours from your account. Cash rewards are paid through PayPal and Amazon gift certificates.

PerkTV Live

Another application of PERKTV. The good news in this application is that you can watch your favorite shows while earning rewards, you should see the ads during future commercial breaks.


See ads and earn money app these applications, of course, are not in place for your daily work. But they create great opportunities for their time. Many people nowadays are earning through phone farming. Although I know that some may feel a bit weird with this kind of making money from home. You can check my post about phone farming. Then you’ll be the judge if this kind of making bucks is for you. By the way, a lot of them are earning $1000/ Month through this. If only these apps are all available worldwide I’m very much willing to try phone farming. Have you tried these apps? If you think one of these apps are having some problems or no longer up and available, Please do comment so I can immediately remove it from this list. I will constantly update this list.


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