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Tax returns represent income earned after allowing deductions and credits added to take out the tax liability. There are many ways to file tax; it could be done by using mail, or it could also be done online.

Filing income tax return online is quick and hassle free provided one has done tax filing preparation like which status applies, how much tax is payable, total deductions, credits if applicable, etc.

Calculating the tax liability can be a task at hand, and if there is an error in the calculation, recalculation is needed. To avoid miscalculations tax estimator comes handy and useful.


Tax Estimator Tool

Business men and company holders have agents to file their returns as it a complicated process. So what masses do? The answer is Tax Estimator. Tax Estimator is an online tool which helps you calculate tax return. There are steps to be followed. The first step is to file the status, whether you are single, married filing jointly married filing separately or a widower. Second steps require exemptions to be filled. It should be noted that every exemption (wife, dependent child) deduction of thirty-nine dollars is applicable. Step three involves getting credit for children under the age of 17 who are UK citizen. Maximum of one thousand dollars can be credited under this criterion. The fourth step will ask for the number of adults and children in the family who are without health care coverage.

Tax Estimator also helps to calculate the credit on income earned; it is beneficial when additional calculations are to be done. There are certain provisions by which one can save money like affordable care act; tax estimators help to apply such provisions. In a nutshell, we can say that this a simple to use a calculator which helps to make an estimate of taxes. For any adviser, this tool can be crucial to show the clients the benefits of registered retirement savings plan and what could be the effect of dividends on total income. Also, to show the clients how to arrange income to avoid recovery of the old age security. It includes the new tax rules announced by the government for the year 2016 which will lessen the chances of any miscalculation. So, place your worries one side and try the tax estimator to evaluate your tax return without any glitches and errors.

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