Review of ZOLO Halo Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Smart Speaker with Alexa

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There have been a lot of alternative smart speaker with Alexa voice assistant that of Amazon Echo series. Their smart speakers are cheaper with almost – if not on par – with the Echo speakers that offer features on a competitive level. More customers are taking it to consider when buying.

The ZOLO Halo smart speaker is just one alongside that were considered popular in the market. Compared to the Amazon Echo, Halo is the highly recommended alternative deal if you’re planning on purchasing Echo Dot. It has better audio quality and it’s cheaper. Powered with Alexa voice command it has over 10,000 skills that include the common news and weather update, music streaming, and more! It is also compatible with numerous smart home device brands. There are a lot more a ZOLO Halo can do in an easy setup.

Price: $19.99

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