Review of Instagram Marketing (2018): The Guide Book for Using Photos on Instagram to Gain Millions of Followers Quickly and to Skyrocket your Business (Influencer and Social Media Marketing)

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In the recent era, the internet takes a big part in our day-to-day life where almost all tasks are done online in just one click. A tap of your fingertip you can pay your bills, access your CCTV, monitor the weather, health and more using an app, and of course, update your social media status. We can say 80% of the world from grade school children to adults are using online applications or social media in all kinds of purpose – for vanity, fame, and now even business.

Instagram is a social media platform with more than 700 million users all around the world. Many businessmen are taking advantage of its popularity to boost and promote their businesses – be it small or big. Instagram is the easiest social media platform to use minus all the complex feature of facebook. With Instagram, all you need is a good photo/s to upload (promotion, ads, selfie, products), a few hashtag words related to your photos (services for business) and your good to go!

Even though this is the easiest platform to use, the dilemma is how to gain followers. Unlike the facebook that is packed with methods to gain likes and followers, Instagram has limited options. But no worries! This book by David J. Green will help you to boost your Instagram followers! David will guide you with practical tips to increase your followers, how to create effective Instagram marketing strategies and a lot, lot more!

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