Review of FABRIQ: Portable WiFi and Bluetooth Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa

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FABRIQ has been developing speakers for over 15 years and they aim to give the best value speaker on the market. What makes FABRIQ unique is its speakers were covered by fabric, thus making its name. It has a variety of cute covers you can choose. The size of this speaker is very compact with just about the size of your palm. You can bring it anywhere without the worry of taking up much space.

FABRIQ is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled with Alexa voice service works without the need of connecting to an Alexa powered device. You can use the feature of FABRIQ just as the Amazon Echo and Dot. Give Alexa a voice command to give you weather update or control smart home devices. Connect multiple FABRIQ speakers for the greater sound experience. Connect to WiFi and allows you to listen to your streaming music. Download the FABRIQ app to control the multiple speakers compatible with Android or iOS.

Price: $49.99

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