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Apple 15" MacBook Pro

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Apple has been the leading brand of laptops known for its durability and high powered performance. Buy one and it will last for years without depreciating its value. Unlike most Windows-based OS laptop brands, Apple’s MacBook has a minimal upgrade done with their laptops. But they never fail to update new versions to keep up with the demand for powerful hardware. Another upgrade they’ve done to their MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar.

The new 15-inch MacBook Pro features a powerful Radeon Pro discrete GPU in every configuration. Manufactured with a 14 nm process, Radeon Pro graphics combine outstanding power with outstanding power efficiency. And now 4GB of GDDR5 memory comes standard on the top configuration, giving you fluid, real-time performance for pro tasks like rendering 3D titles in Final Cut Pro X. Every 13-inch model features powerful integrated graphics with 64MB of embedded DRAM, which accelerates graphics tasks. That means more time for what matters most — creating amazing work. With seventh-generation Intel Core processors, MacBook Pro delivers amazing performance, with Turbo Boost frequencies up to 4.1GHz. So you can move fast — even when powering through pro-level processing jobs like rendering 3D models and encoding video.

The Touch Bar can change how you experience the apps you use every day — like Photoshop, Microsoft Office, DaVinci Resolve, Logic Pro X, and others. Key tools and features appear right on the Touch Bar, so they’re easier to discover and use. It’s a dynamic canvas that developers can use to add a new dimension of interactivity to current and future apps. MacBook Pro packs more performance into a thin design, yet still provides all-day battery life — up to 10 hours for both the 13-inch and 15-inch models. So you’re free to keep watching, gaming, and editing from wherever you are.

Price: $2,549.99 

Apple 15" MacBook Pro

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