Pretax Student Loan Repayment

Here is a short summary all about pretax student loan repayment. Last month, borrowers across the country were eager to discover that hundreds of millions of dollars in student loans were eligible for student loan merit as part of the consolidated loans. Previously enrolled in an ineligible payment plan, you may now be eligible for loan forgiveness.

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There are limited tax advantages to pay off your student loans.

The good news first…

While it’s not even close to the type of tax exemption you can get, for example, when you buy a house, you may be able to deduct part of the interest on your student loan on your tax return. And if you have difficulties and someone else makes a payment on your behalf, you can still claim the deduction because it can be treated when you made the payment.


You may be able to claim an exemption or exclusion, such as insolvency.

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But don’t get too excited: regarding student loans, possible exceptions and exclusions in the Tax Code are limited. This is because the laws are written in a way that limits your choices. It is easier in most cases, for example, to download a Macy credit card than a bankrupt student loan. A more common exclusion that may be available is insolvency. If you were insolvent before paying off your debt, you can exclude it from income. Use the insolvency worksheet to find out if this applies to you. In general, you are insolvent if your total liabilities exceeded the value of all your assets immediately before your debt was cancelled.


Student loans are voluntary

Yes, rich children can go to school without student loans, yes. But I am not talking about that. You choose where you go to school. Or, at least, you choose where you submit your application. There are good choices and bad choices. It is a bad option to incur huge debts for a degree that does not produce a high return on investment. If you have chosen a huge debt to a high degree, then this is an option you have made.


By financing new employees to pay debts, you reward bad decisions and encourage current students to get more loans.


You can pay student loans with your salary. Paying an equal salary for people means they can use it to pay student loans if they wish. Therefore, your pay is less if you do not have student loans. This is unsatisfactory and also bad treatment for employees. When future increases are calculated, they are generally made in percentage. These bonuses are the same. It is better for the employee to have a higher salary than a lower salary and a loan repayment fund.


Student loan repayment benefits have a different impact.

Technically, you can graduate from college at any age. (My own grandmother left college when she was 72 years old. Yes, it was amazing.) But, most recent college graduates are in their twenties. Offering them extra money is age discrimination and focusing on job advertisements on Facebook for people between 22 and 30 years old.
While many people have been paying student loan debts for many years, this is a benefit that focuses on younger youth.

Tax benefits are not the same as those benefits

The IRS issued the Private Letter Control that says it can give $ 401k in exchange for a student debt to pay. Then, instead of “401k contributions match, you “reflect them. “ makes a student loan payment using a dollar after taxes (i.e. normal money) and the company puts money in her 401k with dollars before taxes this cools very well.
And it’s great. But when the benefits come to an end. If the company only contributes to the payment of a student loan, this is considered an income. This means that you pay taxes on him. But, it is not included in your salary for increases and bonuses.


Before you go, I hope this general info about pretax student loan repayment is helpful for you. If you need further help speak to a tax expert in a free tax consultation today.

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