Press These 2 Points, And You’ll Lose Weight Within a Month

How to lose weight easily? Acupressure is a safe, natural, and effective method that can not only heal your body but also boost your metabolism and help shed extra pounds!

According to traditional Chinese medicine, you can encourage the weight loss process if you let excess “moisture” and “heat” leave your body. However, don’t take these words literally! Expelling extra “heat” and “moisture” means that when you stimulate certain points, you get rid of energy imbalance and set off your metabolism. In addition, by doing so, you support the health of your digestive organs.

The acupressure point in your philtrum 1:02
The acupressure point on your elbow 1:33
The acupressure point below your belly button 2:53
The acupressure points below your ribs 3:20
The acupressure point on your ankle 3:53
The acupressure point on your knee 4:20
The acupressure point on your ear 4:58
How to work with your acupressure points correctly 5:54
Proper diet 7:15

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– One of the most important acupressure points responsible for weight loss is GV 26. It’s situated on your upper lip right under your nose.
– The second acupressure point that can help you lose weight is located on your elbow. It’s called LI 11. When you massage this place, you stimulate your intestinal function and remove excess moisture from your body.
– The third point point is located approximately an inch below your belly button. Massage it up and down for one to 2 minutes twice a day. This method will help make your digestion better.
– Abdominal sorrow points are situated slightly below your bottom ribs. Press these points with the index and middle fingers of each hand simultaneously. This will help if you have indigestion, rib pain, ulcers, or an appetite imbalance.
– You can find one more point on the inner side of your leg, a bit higher than your ankle. Use your thumbs to apply pressure here. Try to do this exercise every day. You’ll soon notice that your digestive system has become stronger and started to function more effectively.
– You’ll find the knee point approximately 2” beneath your kneecap. It’s situated slightly off-center, closer to the outer side of your leg. For losing unwanted weight, press this point for one to 2 minutes a day with the help of your index finger
– The pressure you apply to the ear point should be constant and neither too strong nor too weak. Keep pressing the point for approximately 3 minutes. This will help you control your hunger urges and appetite. On top of that, it will improve your digestion.
– The best environment for stimulating acupressure points is a calm and tranquil place, but this isn’t an obligatory condition.
– Acupressure can’t work its magic if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Try to combine this Chinese approach with physical activity and a proper diet.

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