Personal Finance Tips

Personal Finance Tips

The best personal finance tips always come in handy when you are looking to make more money and grow your wealth.

Personal finance covers a range of areas from money management, investment, retirement, tax savings and insurance to wealth-building.

Although I am not a financial advisor, here are 4 general tips on investing that I have learnt over the years:


1) Investing in Stocks

To invest in investment stocks, you should do research to which dividend stocks you want to put money into based on the risk and rewards.

You also need businesses with a long history of paying their dividend out on a regular basis, while also increasing their dividend too.

There are many companies that pay good dividends and fulfil these standards, it’s merely a matter of picking which stocks are right for you.


2) Using Stock Tracker Websites

Odds are that you’re a very good understanding of Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Microsoft, Exxon Mobil, Wells Fargo, Verizon Communications, etc.

You might also utilize Google Finance’s nifty small stock instrument which lets you restrict your list of prospective dividend stocks.

The tracker lets you choose a sector, and then narrow the stocks down by market cap and dividend yield %.

Google will spit out a list of shares that meet your standards.

It is then your responsibility to select which businesses you feel comfortable buying.

If you are based in the UK, then I recommend checking out Hargreaves Lansdown.

I have been using their platform for several years.

I was attracted to HL when I was brand new at investing and they provided great guidance and telephone support to answer my questions.

If you are brand new to personal finance and investing, don’t worry, do your research and only risk what you can afford to make back.


3) Easy and Free Savings

Alternatively, if stocks and shares are not for you one, of the simplest ways to start your investing journey is to use apps that round up change or a tax-free government savings account.

Likewise, if you have children be sure to open up their own savings account from the day that they are born.

This will help set them up in the best way for a solid financial future.

18 years to go before they buy their first house, start a cashflow business or buy a Lamborghini! 

Some people ignore this because the ‘interest rate return is so low’, but no wise investor would leave out tax-free accounts.

It all adds up for your compound savings in the end.


4) Portfolios

I prefer to invest in funds and leave it to grow long-term.

Personally, I like simple and reliable investments.

However, other experts say to select at least 10-12 individual stocks to begin your investment portfolio.

So if you’re into stocks, many individuals could urge upwards of 30 stocks, to distribute and decrease your risk.

What you want to do is look through the long-term reliable sectors and select the blue-chip well-known businesses that give a medium to high yield.

That is a great place to start.



The thing to remember about investing in dividends, funds or stocks is that these are long-term investments.

You’re not attempting to make a quick buck by selling and buying these stocks frequently.

You need that kind of time to allow of the magic of compound interest to take hold.

And lastly, if you’re intrigued In more personal finance tips, be certain to check out my full Personal Finance category here on

In closing, I hope you found these personal finance tips simple and easy to understand.


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