Personal Branding:5 Dummy Proof Tips to Brand YOU,Not Your Product! Many times people think of personal branding as logos or products. However, it is much more than that.

You are a brand! It’s very important to brand YOU Inc. Why? Simple. People join YOU, not your opportunity or business or because of your product.

Personal Branding

What is personal branding? It is a way of shaping your journey in a manner that positions you as the leader, subject matter expert or “go to” person to help and serve others.

5 key tips to remember when building your brand:

01:02 Personal Branding: Know Your Voice
01:09 Personal Branding: Be Consistent
01:25 Personal Branding: Share Value Content
01:54 Personal Branding: Be a Problem Solver
02:04 Personal Branding: Find a Niche

There are so many ways to brand yourself and other important tips to remember.
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