Wireless Outdoor Speakers That Work With Sonos

Do you want to find the right wireless outdoor speakers that work with Sonos? No matter what time of year, outdoor speakers can turn any backyard or patio into the ultimate sound oasis. These speakers are designed not only to fill a large space. But also to highlight or blend the elements with a natural setting for parties and more.

Better yet, the exterior speakers are constantly improving. Some support voice commands through Alexa and Google Assistant. While others have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect wirelessly to your phone or home network. So you’re ready to take your outdoor audio setup to the next level. Read on for the 4 best outdoor speaker options.

4 Best Outdoor Speakers With Sonos

1. Sonos Move:

Wireless Outdoor Speakers That Work With Sonos 1

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Sonos Move immediately comes to mind when you think of outside sound. Ideal for indoor and outdoor environments. You can even use your Move as part of your home Wi-Fi setup while in the garden and have a lot of fun, so check it out today. Move seamlessly switches between Wi-Fi compatibility as part of your Sonos home system for easy use of Bluetooth elsewhere. Due to its extended Wi-Fi range compared to other Sonos speakers. Allowing you to seamlessly switch between listening indoors and outdoors.

This feature in all Sonos outdoor arrangements is ideal for summer parties when your guests are scattered around the house and garden.

2. Sonos AMP:

Wireless Outdoor Speakers That Work With Sonos 2

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Many Sonos fans were excited by the announcement that the brand would bring architectural speakers to its range. Which would fit the Sonos Amp perfectly. Sonos Outdoor speakers have a beautiful modern design that fits perfectly in garden furniture and landscaping. Although these speakers are wall mounted, they are discreet with a curved shape and a matte white design.

Sonos Outdoor speakers are perfectly compatible with Sonos Amp. Which means that you can power up to 6 speakers on the same Amp instead of the normal 4 with alternative speaker brands. This makes Sonos Outdoor speakers suitable for a larger garden or even a commercial setting. Such as a pub or restaurant as more speakers can be used with the same amplifier to limit costs.

3. Bowers & Wilkins AM-1 Speakers:

wireless Outdoor Speakers That Work With Sonos 3

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The Bowers & Wilkins brand is recognized for excellence and we consider the AM-1s to be no exception. Much like the size and shape of Sonos ceiling speakers, the AM-1s are a great retail option at a lower price point that will still pack a punch.

The AM-1’s innovative mounting bracket allows you to achieve 220-degree speaker rotation, ensuring music is delivered exactly where you need it. Like the Sonos Outdoor speakers, all wiring can be routed back through the mounting bracket for a polished finish.

4. KEF Ventura 4 ( A Good Alternative):

Wireless Outdoor Speakers That Work With Sonos 4

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The Kef Ventura range is a great budget option for a number of other premium outdoor speakers, while also providing you with a durable solution all year round. Once connected to the Sonos Amp, you will still benefit from the incredible functionality of being able to easily play your favorite music and radio using your phone.

As with other Sonos setups, you can seamlessly switch from inside to outside by grouping the Sonos Amp with your other Sonos speakers inside. You can also consider these small speakers for an indoor pool, as they are a great option for their smaller size and strong climate rating.

Before you go, I hope this above article related to outdoor speakers that work with Sonos will be helpful and beneficial for you.

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