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Online Tax Refund in the UK

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If working in the UK, as a taxpayer, you should be aware that the UK tax year runs annually from 6th April until 5th April annually. If your employment paid extra tax for you before the end of the tax year, then you are eligible to claim an online tax refund. You may need to file a UK self-assessment tax return in case you have other sources of income apart from your income. As a UK PAYE or Pay as You Earn worker; your employer will subtract tax from your earnings. Most people are not aware, but they actually overpay tax when filing a tax return.

HMRC is a leading name when it comes to UK’s tax and payments. It is because of their impartial and efficient administration; that majority are able to get their tax right. The organisation helps collect money to pay for the UK’s public services and help countless families and individuals. As the UK’s tax, payments authority, HMRC was established by Act of Parliament in 2005.

If looking for an online tax refund, all you need to do is sign in to your online account and send the tax return to HM Revenue and Customs or HMRC. You may be eligible for a tax refund if too much tax has been taken from your pay if you are employed. You can file a tax return in case you have paid too much tax or have stopped work. Those how have bought a life annuity or have paid too much tax on pension payments may also be able to reclaim tax. In order to apply for a UK tax rebate, you need to have all details of any work-related expenses and either your P45 or P60.

Did you know that today, one in three people in the UK file a tax refund?

Filing online for income tax returns are similar but offers several advantages. The most obvious advantage is the extended deadline as you get three extra months to collect information. Moreover, the tax calculations are automatic and faster. The tax gets calculated automatically, and you get a faster repayment if HMRC owes you money. Another added benefit is that you get an on-screen confirmation message, once you

Submit the income tax return online. HMRC’s income tax return program provides the information one seeks when filing tax returns online. The system pre-fills the online income tax return with information already held such as your National Insurance number and address.

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