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Online Business Ideas: How to Combine Dropshipping With Affiliate Products On Your Site?

Online business ideas for dropshipping and affiliate marketing are very different areas in the internet marketing world. However, you can actually combine both areas in your business for multiple streams of income.

Truthfully, the best top earners in internet marketing always have different streams of passive income flowing into their business. So you can take action and put the steps in place to implement this too.

Believe it or not, this is a more common question that I am asked from people who are new to Internet business.

I’ve tested both ways for online business ideas, spoken to lots of people and have come to a few conclusions with this question, so it will not be a simple “yes or no” response.

However, mоst оf thе tіmе І wіll аnswеr thіs quеstіоn – Νо, іt іs usuаllу nоt recommended to combine affiliate products on a dropship website.

Mainly because the gain on affiliate products are so low compared to the money you can make selling the product from a supplier. So it will be challenging for you to focus on 2 different styles at the same time.

Even though the gains on dropshipping products can be larger individually, it does take a lot of time and financial commitment to get it off the ground.

Reasons Against  Combining Dropshipping & Affiliate Marketing

* Profit Potential – You can make more money selling the individual product via dropshipping.

* Shopping Cart Confusion – What happens when someone gets done adding a number of your products (that you do dropship) that is built into the shopping cart? It could cause some significant shopping cart headaches for users if they expected to see an affiliate product as well, and confuse them, and they’ll likely just end up leaving for a different website.

* Mix Messages On Your Site – There are a whole lot of smart shoppers these days who understand what advertisements and affiliates are. If they feel you’re trying to do anything other then sell your “main” products they might wonder about the validity of your website. You don’t want to scare people away.

* Navigates People Away From Your Site – Let’s say you have an Amazon affiliate product on your website that you’re making 3-5% on, and the thing that was clicked which takes them off your website. Is it worth losing the consumer who could have stayed and purchased your dropship items? This is an important decision for you to make.


Reasons For Combining Dropshipping & Affiliate Marketing

* Can’t Find A Product Supplier – If you have hunted high and low, and can not find a supplier, but the affiliate product goes perfectly with different things you’re selling, then it may be a good idea to have it on your website.

* Amazon Product Review Pages – People are always looking for reviews of products, and a lot done by other users of the websites they are familiar with. It is possible to create pages within Amazon showing reviews of the affiliate products you’re selling, and connect with them. This provides great info, but can also lead people back to the places that end up making you money – your affiliate pages!

* Ease and Simplicity – I have seen enough individuals try to create sites and use shopping carts to understand that not everybody is on the same playing field. Sometimes using a system that Amazon has set up to sell affiliate products is easier than creating a shopping cart site from scratch that can sell both normal products and affiliate products.



The reasons “why you may not” (for me) are not always as convincing, and I personally chose to concentrate on selling affiliate products on the same website that I sell regular professional services.

For my lifestyle and skillset affiliate marketing is an area in online business ideas where I can give the most value to clients who may be looking for a solution to a problem that I can solve with a recommended affiliate program or product.

Again, for me,  affiliate marketing ended up very favourable, however, it can be different for your situation and skillset.

If you love dropshipping and you are ready to commit to that full-time then there is no reason you won’t be successful too.

I do understand certain situations where it might be beneficial and whichever area you choose it is a smart decision to focus on one stream of income at a time. Don’t have multiple different “businesses” that you are growing before you reach the 7-figure income.

Yоu hаvе tо аssеss thе sіtuаtіоn аnd ask yourself if it adds value to your customer and will you commit to it even if you lose money in the beginning (before making any real money with your return on investment).

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