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Online Affiliate Programs – 3 Killer Checks to Follow!

First of all, what is affiliate marketing? It’s a legal way to generate money online without needing to have your products. Specifically, you must help a merchant that has trusted online affiliate programs that you can join.

If a sale is accomplished using your advertising, you will be rewarded with having a share of the sale that’s called affiliate commissions.

It can be up to 70% sometimes, although more often your commission could be 5 – 50 percent of  sales online.


How can you make money that way?

Indeed, money can be earned by you through 3 possible cases:

Pay Per Click – In this scenario, you will be rewarded each time one of your visitors clicked on the advertisements on your website. Briefly, you get paid for putting the merchant’s page.

Pay Per Sale – In this situation, you will make money only if one of your visitors bought the product of the retailer.

Pay Per Lead – Here, you will be rewarded in case one of your visitors enrolled his name and email address in the merchant’s website.


What is the #1 problem in learning affiliate marketing?

There’s absolutely no doubt that the world wide web is full of different online affiliate programs for you to explore.

By way of example, ClickBank alone is full of several niches with thousands of products.

Therefore, the toughest challenge here is how to choose the best affiliate marketing strategy.


Is it an easy job to find a golden niche?

If you’re trying to find the best niche and online program to earn income online remember it is not a walk in the park.

To get the desired results, you will have to devote money, efforts, and time.

Few helpful tips could assist you in determining the best marketing program that suits experience and your hobbies.

However, as a general guideline look for a program that you are excited to promote and choose a trusted company that has been around for a while.


What is the most vital part of the process?

Indeed, the element in choosing your affiliate marketing niche is to get a hungry market.

This means that there are people who are eager to buy your product.

There are lots of products available, but with no ready market, all your promotion efforts will be in vain.


Fine, but what would be the best starting point?

This is key to taking action on your decision.

The first one is to make certain your market brings hungry buyers.

The second one is to target the best product in this market that satisfies the needs of your customers.


What passive income works for me?

One way of creating money is to be a Google affiliate.

Almost every member of affiliate programs defined working with Google as a brilliant online business opportunity.

Google’s pay per click program rewards you each time one of your visitors clicked on the ads shown by Google on your website.

Your commission can be as low as $0.1 per click, but it may also be as high as $5 per click.

In this circumstance, you should be advised that your earning per click is completely dependent on your niche.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to begin your online excursion with high paying AdSense keywords.

Here are some examples on that:  fund ideas, travel tips, computer, and software, used cars, etc..


Do I need technical skills for online affiliate programs?

Most programs do not require any skills apart from copying and pasting and being committed to learning.

You can attain an internet income in the clicks that you bring to the program.

To become a wealthy affiliate, you should not begin with your website marketing campaign without the proper training first.

Instead, you should start first to understand how to choose the best online affiliate programs and offers.

online affiliate programs

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Here are a few factors to keep in mind before you reach any decision:


Check #1: Are there any products which you can market in this niche?

To do this check, you should head to the search engine of ClickBank found in:

Then, insert a keyword which globally describes your niche.

E.g. credit cards, golf, dating, self-development, etc.

IIf you got only a couple of products to market this isn’t a good sign.


Check #2: Does this niche have a product which satisfies customers’ needs?

To run this check, you should first filter the products by popularity that you got in the previous step.

Indeed, the search engine of ClickBank can show you the top 10 products in your niche.

And now, you must check online reviews and forums to see what others say about these products.


Check #3: Is this item still a hot-selling gem?

If you prefer to run this check the best way, you should not overlook the “gravity variable ” associated with each product in the ClickBank search engine.

In this circumstance, you should be advised that a gravity factor indicates how many affiliates obtained commissions recently by selling this item.

That is the reason why you can use this factor as an indicator of whether your product sells.

If others are doing it then it is possible for you to do it too.

In this manner, affiliate marketing professionals advocate promoting products which like a gravity factor of more or 70.


What is my golden affiliate marketing strategy for you?

If you do not do a fantastic job to learn the marketing skills then you will have difficulty with almost any online program.

It also works the other way around. That’s the reason you should decide on an affiliate advertising effort if you prefer to succeed long-term and get training included.

What’s more, you should train yourself to develop advanced affiliate marketing ideas that could help your ideal customers.

As a result, this will help you stand from the crowd and people will see that you genuinely care.



For reaching the above-mentioned goal of earning the passive income I would advise you to get started now by taking one step at a time.

It requires some action on your part.

You should avoid any tools that say you can sit back and get paid with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, unless you are a high-income investor with no fear of loss.

The best online affiliate programs are the special ones that give you a system to earn on autopilot.

In addition to training you on how to promote and set up marketing campaigns.

This will really help you to earn more income in your online business.

In conclusion, I enjoy daily leads coming in from solo ad marketing and that is why I constructed a training program to teach others how to get the same top results.


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