Most Successful Self Employed Businesses

Most Successful Self Employed Businesses: 10 Ideas and the Success Clues You Can Use in Your Business

Here is inspiration for you about the most successful self employed businesses. Take away the key points and use it to make money with your own online business.

A real fact is that more customers will patronize your online business if you may be effective at making your products easy to access and have an excellent customer follow-up.

Client follow-up is an excellent aspect where the self employed business owner, or online entrepreneur, can surpass bigger online stores and even those big names that’s already familiar to everyone.

You can literally create your own goldmine by combining speed, efficiency and your personal brand.

It doesn’t matter the type of niche you are into, a nicely organized follow-up process will surely take your website to higher degree.

As an online entrepreneur, you need to always remain updated with the most complex ideas on how to always meet your customers.

The Top 10 most successful self employed businesses Online:

  1. Subscription sites
  2. Software as a service (SAAS)
  3. Digital marketing agency
  4. Lead generation business
  5. Social media agency
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Coaching
  8. Publishing
  9. Amazon
  10. eBay

These are 10 of the most successful self employed businesses that you can start up for yourself.

All that is required in the very beginning is an entrepreneurial mindset.

I recently met a woman in the UK who sells thousands of pounds on eBay every month from her own rented warehouse.

Okay, it’s no good just reading the top 10 lists and dribbling and the thought of other people making money… What do you need to do to increase your own success? Read on…


What Do You Need To Do?

What I noticed is that the common factor with the most successful self employed businesses is a great follow-up process.

For many businesses this means setting up an email responder such as Constant Contact or Aweber.

Whereas, in an eBay business it is something as simple as putting a printed flyer in the packaging that asks the customer to ‘please leave feedback and come back again.’

Here are a few necessary client administrative purposes your business website must have to be able to appear trustworthy, increase conversion and sales, and also increase your success.


1) FAQ Page – This can be a very less considerable facet of any web site, but you do not have to sweep it out of one’s business plans. It’s worked for a multitude of on-line businesses and it could also work for you. A webpage with a listing of Frequently Asked Questions is attached to a lot of successful sites. Don’t leave your customers in the dark about common queries.

2) Subscriber List – You might easily call an online entrepreneur a marketer nowadays. It has become easy for a self employed business owner to start sending updates to customers and prospects customers through an e-mail bulletin. This is what I meant by setting up an email autoresponder. This is a superb method to construct an ongoing business relationship.

3) Contact Page – you don’t have to remain anonymous once you’re running your company. People will be happy to get in touch with you for reassurance that you’re ‘real’. This is a common occurrence nowadays. Despite that, you don’t have to be online 24/7 to always communicate with your customers. This is why you have a feedback for or contact page to deal with one enquiry at a time.

4) Automated Funnel – Your clients need a means to buy anytime of day or night. They’ve got to trust that they’ll get information no matter what time of day or night. This is where a funnel and auto responder work hand in hand. ClickFunnels is a great option that the richest self employed affiliate marketers use to make money on autopilot. It basically does the selling for you so you never have to do the cold-calling again to reach individuals.

5) Live Chat – I started using ManyChat to answer questions from my website visitors and customers. You can take away this clue about a successful self employed busienss. You have to keep your finger on the pulse of your business. How frequently do people visit your website? This is also the same for large successful companies in 2019.


This is a summary of the most successful self employed businesses and also the common success clues that you can implement in your own business today.

Faithful in your success!


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