Meet My Yummy Mummies in the Philippines!

What We Do

Offering money strategies through the web and phone, Tax Twerk is committed to our mission of helping small business owners to make money, and also generate prospects, leads, appointments and potential clients every single day.

We’re a highly motivated and, positive start-up operating from Luton, UK, with a support team in the Philippines to offer advice, consultations, surveys and generate interest in our partner services.

Meet My Yummy Mummies in the Philippines! 

get more clients team
Jhezel – Bryanne – Ronna – Karen

Clients ask me, ‘How did you find such a great team?’. Honestly it is a combination of being blessed to find the right team, the love & appreciation I have for them, and the constant training they receive from me.

We put our heart into this service. We are unusually disruptive, passionate and very, very focused on the importance of sales. We follow a logical process and detailed clear steps. Yet our style is unmistakably Tax Twerk.

“I am a wife and an aspiring mum! Hopefully, our desire to have one will be fulfilled before the year ends. During my spare time (aside from eating out, shopping, etc), I bake. I love making sweet goodies for my husband, family and colleagues.” – Bryanne

“I’m 29 years old, a loving wife and a happy mom. A food enthusiast and singer. During my spare time, I love watching movies, having coffee with friends and sing on a karaoke.” – Ronna

Are you on the look out for more clients?
Find out how to get more appointments and double your leads and clients in 7 days. If you’re looking for more clients, get in touch with me today to see if we’re a great fit to serve you. Contact us to apply as a partner.

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