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Make Money Online UK: 7 More Tips If You Want to Make Money at Home Online

The response to my post yesterday on work from home business opportunities has been great! It touched a nerve and prompted a response from readers want to know more about make money online UK options.

So I have come back to give more hints and tips that can help you out. You can use it worldwide especially if you are based in my home country – the United Kingdom.

make money online uk

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1) Set regular hours

Be disciplined about the number of hours you will work and be clear about your start and end time.

Don’t get into the habit of beginning and finishing “when the mood takes you”.

When it comes to life in the UK we all know it can get hectic.

A surefire way to wind up getting nothing done and feeling frustrated.


2) Close your door

When working from home, having an “open door” so family and friends can wander in to ask you questions workplace simply does not work.

I tried it myself and it leads to questions from my daughter about Doc McStuffins and chocolate cake!

You need to close your door as much as possible to separate you from the rest of the home, which is not a workplace.

This will help reduce distractions so you can be more productive.


3) Set down rules for others

Just because you work from home does not make you available on a permanent basis, either to your children or your partner.

You want to set down rules and boundaries for the others who share your home as when they can and cannot interrupt you.

Unless you do this you will be driven to distraction and your ability will not be possible.


4) Keep the work area tidy

This came in from a lot of individuals who make big money online, and I too go along with it.

A messy workspace leads to untidy work.

You know that sounds like something obvious, and I would roll my eyes up when she said it, but it’s true.

Have a workspace and file everything away where it should be.

One thing I do agree with is that your desk is your creative space so respect your work.


5) Keep going even though it’s tough

You will have days when you’re just not feeling it…

You are just not in the mood, and you cannot seem to get any good ideas.

Do not goof off by declaring that your creative juices are simply not flowing today, and justify it!

The old saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” must kick in here.

Stick to your routine even in case you are feeling empty.

Running away from any problem never solved anything.


6) Get make money online UK ideas

I think this is a great one!

Keep a notebook handy at all times where you can jot down some ideas or thoughts that pop into your mind.

If you don’t write them down, the chances are they will be forgotten by you, and that is an awful waste of an idea!

Personally, I keep my top inspirational marketing ideas in a ‘swipe file’ on Google Docs.

When you are doing something, sometimes your best ideas only come in flashes.

Do not lose those ideas, but if you haven’t got somewhere to capture it, you will forget.

Amazing idea from one of my mentors.


7) Routine tasks and consistency

This is a discipline, and, being honest, it has come from my mum, not me!

The trick is that we have routine tasks – like doing our accounts, measuring our key statistics, filing away things, and writing.

As a tip to help make money online UK, remember that marketing is going to be your main task.

Marketing your business is your number one priority.

So don’t be shy about it.

There are things that we must do on a weekly basis to promote our online businesses.

When these are set out each day in the week you can be more diligent about it.

I think this is a good idea and the first thing in the morning works well for me to do my planning.

What is the best time for you?

The advantage is that I can begin my week knowing that those routine tasks have been dealt with before I even get started.


Final Words

Thanks for your response you to all of my articles and blog posts, keep them coming.

As you send me more questions that help all people that want to create money at home online, I will share them.

The challenge is not merely to nod your head in agreement at some or all of them but to choose which ones you are likely to take as your own and make money online UK.

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