Life, Death, and Luton Airport Tax Refund

Do you want to get a Luton Airport tax refund? Here is the info you need.

If you’re connecting through the airport, in case you have arrived from a global country and are connecting to a UK airport, you need to go through customs.

If you are travelling via Luton Airport this gives you some good tax benefits when you are shopping.

Local inhabitants are called Lutonians and it is home to the Luton Football club and easyJet.

If your flight is delayed, you can look around buy new items and claim back the tax if you are a non-UK resident.

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Appealing for a Luton Airport Tax Refund

Governments, as all of us know, do not like repaying money so to be able to receive your refund there are some fundamental rules you will have to follow.

There may be long queues to receive your VAT refund processed and it isn’t possible to claim a refund on behalf of somebody else.

Please allow additional time to finish the VAT reclaim process and ensure you’ve checked in a minimum of one hour prior to your departure time to clear check-in and airport security.

On departure, the goods must be shown together with the necessary documentation.

When you get the goods ask the retailer should they participate as you’ll need to finish the form in the shop and the retailer needs to verify you’ve purchased the goods.

Check before buying the goods. At the moment you buy your goods the retailer will request that you give evidence of you identity and nationality.

Should your shopping exceed a specific value then your claim may get processed after you’ve gone through security (airside).

Not all retailers offer you tax-free shopping and you may only get VAT refunds for goods bought within the previous few months.

Whereas, some companies give an immediate cash refund so always check at the time of purchase.

You can find out more about how to reclaim your VAT on the London Luton Airport site.

When you are leaving the UK you’re able to secure the VAT back on goods you get in the United Kingdom from shops that provide tax-free shopping (also referred to as the VAT retail export scheme).

In the United Kingdom, VAT is charged on several goods and solutions.

The shop assistant will request that you fill in a Tax-Free form with the essential particulars. He will give you the form and you can use this for your Luton Airport tax refund.

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