Lessons Learned in my 1st Year Self-Employed!

I am SUPER excited about sharing with you the first webisode of my new series, “Shamanda Talks”. Shamanda Talks series is all about empowerment, educating, and overall increasing peace of mind. Shamanda Talks is a series of easy to understand (and use) financial strategies, insightful and transparent lifestyle tips, and mental health/well-being topics made for and by young professionals.

In this episode, I am sharing the first-hand lessons I learned during my first year self-employed full-time. My first year as an entrepreneur was scary yet very insightful. Somehow I managed to work full-time as a Licensed Counselor providing therapy to clients throughout the week, market my real estate business, and plan my other business ventures. It was A LOT!

As a single mother of two in a new city with a higher cost of living, I could not afford to fail. In my upcoming book,”Wounded Healer: The Art of Overcoming” I will share greater details of my first year fully self-sufficient. Throughout college and graduate school, I utilized government resources to supplement my salary in order to provide for my children. In less than one year I went from low-income to more than doubling my income and catapulting to the Middle-Income tax bracket. (my own rags to “riches” story).

I am an advocate for entrepreneurship but highly recommend thoroughly planning for expenses. Self-employment can be scary as it is unpredictable. Check out the 10 lessons I learned during my first year FULL-time Self-Employed!

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