Learn to TWERK in 3 MINUTES!! Master Class w/ Anisha Gibbs!

3 MINUTE TWERKSHOP w/ Anisha Gibbs! Learn how to twerk from basic moves to twerking routines in this tutorial series! Make sure you subscribe for more videos from Anisha 🙂

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Directed & Edited by: Matt Steffanina
Asst Director: Dana Alexa

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Other tutorials include: Basic Twerk Combo, Advanced Twerking, Swag Twerk, Nae Nae Twerk, Beyonce Twerk, Advanced Twerk Combo & more!

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Beyonce – Partition Tutorial: http://youtu.be/xvTSMvK01eE
Macklemore – Thrift Shop: http://youtu.be/wx2GeRP7MlY
Arm Waving Tutorial: http://youtu.be/6CPtOe3GVwk


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