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This article is a short overview of KCMO quick tax to help you learn more about the basics.


Kansas City launched a new online revenue portal that will allow residents and businesses to pay their taxes electronically.

It is known as a Quick Tax and this portal streamlines the online tax process and provides taxpayers with more options than previously available.

The Quick Tax web portal will support the essential functions of the tax administration and the compliance with the income tax, the business license tax, the taxes on public services, the taxes and tourist visits and the field rate. Other taxes, including special evaluations, will be incorporated.

Fast tax will also provide many other new options.

For example, taxpayers who do not have taxes can defer estimated tax payments during the year. It will also allow residents to control access to accounts for tax preparation.

To start your online tax filing on the website visit the KCMO site.



Taxpayers wishing to use the KCMO Quick Tax online registration at www.kcmo.org (link above).

Basic information will be required for registration, such as federal recognition or the social security number of the taxpayer.

Postal address and three types of identification for verification purposes. Once registered, taxpayers can log into their secure personal account to obtain information about previous requests and payments (since implementation), the refund status, invoices and filing requirements.

Please note that during the forecast period there may be some delays in the delivery of the service for new business licenses, commercial license refunds and tax solutions.

Fast tax is an online system that KCMO taxpayers can use to file tax returns, make payments, register a business, view and change their accounts with the City and see advertisements and letters sent by the City. 


Getting the Right Help

Always seek the help of a tax professional if you are unsure about your tax calculations and the possible ways to save more money. 

The complexity of state and local taxes requires that you have an advisor who can provide you with answers when you need it. Our local tax and state team is comprised of professionals with experience in handling state and local taxes that affect all stages of a company’s life cycle. If a company is at an early, fast-growing or maturing stage and looking for acquisition or disposal opportunities, the state and local tax circumstances can be significant and produce an unintended consequence if advised appropriately.

As states continue to fight against the fiscal impact of economic conditions, competition from other states, and reductions and relocations of the workforce, they remain more committed to the application of aggressive fiscal policies through screening and auditing. In addition, States have responded to budgetary pressures by enacting new laws to increase tax revenues through the enactment of fees, rejection of costs, changes in distribution or reduction of tax benefits, such as NOLs.

Our state and local tax professionals can help you control the complexity of the rules and regulations of different taxes that can influence business daily. We have significant experience in working with our clients proactively to identify and minimize the impact of KCMO quick tax. Our professionals have extensive experience in corporate net income, exemptions and net worth, gross income and taxes on sales and use. We are also pleased to represent the interests of clients in disputes with state tax authorities and assist them in transaction planning.


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