It’s That Time of Year Again (Time-Sensitive Offer)


It’s that time of the year again… the festive season, Christmas and New Years! Eek!

AND the deadline for online submissions of your 2013-14 tax returns to HMRC.

My favourite time of the year 🙂

Remember, if you’re in the UK tax returns and any outstanding tax payment for 2013-14 are due by 31 January 2015.

If you’re in the UK, USA or anywhere in the world, it’s a good idea to submit your tax returns early, don’t leave it till the last minute. Missing the deadline will result in penalties and the longer your tax return is put off the more money you will lose. On the up side, if you’re due a tax refund submitting your returns sooner online means you’ll get your money faster.

Make sure that you have submitted the following tax returns relevant to your circumstances:
Personal tax return
Limited company tax return

Heads up – Avoid HMRC’s penalties, which can quickly add up to £2000 – £3000, if you fail to file returns by the deadline 31 January 2015

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