Is funding circle any good? – Review

Funding Circle Review

Funding Circle is an online peer loan market established in 2010 in San Francisco, California. The company has helped more than 15,000 companies worldwide and has lent more than $ 9.5 billion in term loans. The company believes that it provides application processes, quick decisions and a target shooting service for small businesses worldwide. Funding Circle is faster than a bank and more affordable than a cash advance, which gives borrowers a decision as soon as 24 hours after submitting a complete application. Is funding circle any good? Here is our review.

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The rates of the Funding Circle start only at 4.99%. Ordinary borrowers through the financing circle have been in business for at least three years. Small business owners must not have any bankruptcy registered in the last seven years. Borrowers must be able to provide personal and business guarantees and show proof of consistent income. Newly created businesses and business owners with bad credit will want to consider other loan options.

The good parts

  • Transparent application requirements
  • Resource center
  • Other benefits


Transparent application requirements

The Funding Circle reveals your requirements and application rates for small business loans on their corporate website. Small business owners can apply directly to lenders for the period of time and the exact amount required. Secured loans can be used for a variety of reasons and can include low monthly payments with fixed interest rates. There are no penalties for prepaid loans.

Resource Center

Circle Funding offers an online resource center for small business owners on its corporate website with educational articles and entrepreneur financing tips there. There is also a frequently asked questions section on the website that answers frequently asked questions about loans through affiliated investors. Borrowers can speak with loan specialists during normal business hours for more detailed information.

Other benefits of the financing round include:

  • Quick approval
  • Rates and transparent rates
  • No penalties for prepayment
  • Secured loans Up to $ 500,000
  • Variable distance duration from five to five years
  • Fixed interest rates

Review of the funding circle


  • Competitive terms and rates
  • No penalty for prepayment
  • Some additional fees
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Application process longer than some online lenders
  • Relatively strict borrower requirements


Funding Circle is an online lender that originated in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, Funding Circle merged with Endurance Lending Network to expand its services to the United States. This review specifically focuses on the American branch of Funding Circle. Funding Circle offers medium-term term loans (commonly called term loans) to established companies. The durations vary from six months to five years. In addition to interest and an origin fee, Funding Circle does not charge fees (provided you make payments on time) and have competitive rates. Unfortunately, these requirements rule out that Funding Circle is an option for small businesses and less established startups. However, if you meet the requirements, the Funding Circle may be a good loan option. The caveat is this: companies that qualify for the Financing Circle will probably be able to get a better rate from a real bank.

Summary: Is Funding Circle any good?

Is funding circle any good? Well, here is the summary. The reviews of the Funding Circle conducted by experts instead of HighYa are generally positive with some recognized sites recommended by the lender for fast processing, low rates, transparent advertising and no penalty for early payment. The company receives an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau rating. It is worth noting that of the six consumer reviews on the BBB page, all six are negative. Some of these complaints revealed a misconception about how a standard application process was applied, and other reviewers were affected by the continuous telephone calls received from the Funding Circle.


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