Instagram Stories Can Now Live On Forever With New Archive and Highlights Features

One of the biggest attractions of Instagram Stories has been the fact that the feature lets you capture any moment in time without making it a permanent thing. That being said, if you’re anything like me, sometimes you don’t realize at that exact moment just how much you actually want to keep that video forever and how it might just be the best thing you ever made. Nine times out of 10, it absolutely won’t be as good as you remembered, but having the option to resurrect a Story is something I’ve certainly found myself thinking about on more than one occasion.

It’s that sentiment that has driven the biggest Instagram profile update since 2013: as of Dec. 5, users will be able to keep their Stories forever using the new Archive function – and display the ones they’re oh so proud of in a brand-new section at the top of each user’s profile called Highlights. And in case you were wondering: yes, unless you choose to opt out of using Archive, every single Story you make will be automatically added to your Archive.

Ahead, we walk through exactly how to use each of these two brilliant new functions – so you won’t ever again have to wish you saved your Stories from the night before.

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