Incorporation Service in California

Complete Incorporation Service in California

Incorporation service in California for $100 we can incorporate your California business with the California Secretary of State.  Our California built-in service includes California state fees, $39 per year California agent fees, entrance service if desired, corporate bylaws, secrets and built-in goods. The most complete California incorporation service you can find for $100. When you join Calif, you should keep in mind that you will have a minimum tax payment of $800 if you do not earn money.

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There are three ways to incorporate your business in California:

  • Hire a lawyer to do the work for you (the most expensive option)
  • Enter the office of the Secretary of State and do it yourself
  • Use a built-in professional company, such as Active Filings.


Corporate records

the original bylaws or a copy thereof must be kept at the central office or at the main business office in the state of California. The minutes of the boards of directors and shareholders must be kept in the central office.

Annual declarations

National corporations must submit an application to the secretary of state within 90 days after the submission of the articles of incorporation. A statement from a national corporation must be submitted annually at the end of the calendar month in which the original incorporated articles were submitted. The cost is $ 20.

Income Tax Rate

California imposes a franchise tax on California corporations (local corporations) and non-foreign corporations (foreigners) for the privilege of doing business in the state. The franchise tax is actually a tax on net earnings; the rate is 8.84% of net income for corporations. S corporations must still pay the franchise tax; the rate is 1.5% of net income. California imposes a minimum tax of $ 800. Therefore, even if your corporation does not have a net income, you must pay this minimum tax.

S Corporation

S Corporation the State of California recognizes the status of the Corporation.  But the corporation still has to pay the franchise tax at a rate of 1.5% of the net income.

Licensing requirements

California may require you to obtain a business license.  And pay a license fee based on your type or business occupation. Check with the state to make sure your company meets the licensing requirements for your particular profession.

These are the ways to find an incorporation service in California. The incorporation of any company is an important part of the integration.  But it is difficult to make any new business owner have the documentation.  They want to present and ensure total accuracy. That is why this was to help simplify the submission process. Our archiving experts will collect all the necessary documentation.  And file everything before the appropriate authorities for you.  While protecting all conjectures to protect your assets.


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