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19-year-old Christopher from California overcomes his social anxiety by dressing up as a neon green fox named Kona. But it’s not just about making himself feel better, it’s about spreading the happiness as far as it will go.

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“I Like to Dress Up in A Fur Suit”

Everyone presents some sort of a mask to the world. Sometimes it’s a shield of confidence other times it’s an aura of assurance For 19-year-old Christopher of California, it’s a neon green kangaroo costume that helps him overcome his social anxiety.

Indeed, this urge is out of the ordinary, but Christopher’s impulse is to present his best self to the world and entertain others. With his colorful kangaroo character, he is able to throw off the weight of anxiety and bring happiness to others as a furry.

The generally accepted definition for “furry fandom” is “…the appreciation, promotion, and production of stories and artwork which feature anthropomorphic animals, and the exploration, interpretation and examination of humanity and human values through anthropomorphic expression.” The community is not limited to costume either. The fandom can extend to animated cartoons, artwork, stuffed animals and comic books.

Christopher is not alone in his passion for dressing up in fur suits. While the furry subculture is often misconstrued as part of a sexual identity, in practice much of the community is just about entertaining others and wearing costumes.

In a way, Christopher is fortunate. While others wish they could put on a costume of instant comfort, he actually can.

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