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Collection of Dubsmash by #karunya Ram

The most amazing outstanding latest signature steps of Allu arjun birthday special

Janapada song sing by Famously called her as ಉತ್ತರ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕದ ಲತಾ ಮಂಗೇಶ್ಕರ್ I.e Lata jahagirdar on women’s day in our blesas avs ayurveda mahavidyalaya college Bijapur

Shivalokadinda obba sadhu….by cute boy Aayush kadlimatti

A best & funnest latest kannada & Telugu dubsmash by AISHWARYA of 2018

Kotigobba 2 dubsmash by AISHWARYA

Dance performance in cultural program by Akshay in Nation level seminor on 9 Feb at bldea’s avs ayurveda mahavidyalaya bijapur

Watch another dance performance by AMITH

Watch another dance performance by AKSHAY

Watch another dance performance by AKSHAY

Watch another dance performance by Akshay

Watch another dance performance by AISHWARY

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