If You See a Random Tennis Ball, Don’t Pick It Up!

Why is an abandoned tennis lying ball dangerous? If you notice one, don’t ever let your pet or child approach it! And don’t pick it up yourself either! Instead, call the police or ask for help.

An innocent-looking ball can turn out to be a homemade explosive that can seriously injure you or your dog. In most cases, tennis ball bombs and other homemade explosives are found before, during, or right after the fireworks season. People pull the insides of fireworks out and put these explosive materials into common objects: ping-pong balls, pipes, and tennis balls. After that, they add a wick. Some such fireworks are set off effectively: their creators launch them into the air, and they explode. At first sight, it may seem cool. But, in fact, it’s downright reckless.

When you can find tennis ball bombs 0:55
Why they are dangerous for dogs 2:13
Why they are dangerous for kids 3:20
How to identify a tennis ball bomb 3:56
What to do if you find homemade tennis ball firework 3:46
How to understand that your child makes explosives at home 6:25

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– In most cases, tennis ball bombs and other homemade explosives are found before, during, or right after the fireworks season.
– The problem is, some homemade bombs disguised as harmless tennis balls are left lying around on the ground. People light them, the so-called firework doesn’t react, and so they think it’s a dud.
– This turns tennis balls into time bombs for curious dogs and small children. Dogs love tennis balls. Upon seeing one, your pet is likely to snatch it and bring it to you. Throwing such a toy for your dog to fetch can have dire consequences.
– If such a thing goes off in somebody’s hand, the chances are high that this person will lose their limb. Imagine if it’s a little child eager to explore their surroundings.
– Try not to pick them up, and forbid your kid or your dog from playing with them. Usually, you can easily identify a tennis ball bomb. It’s typically a real ball wrapped in some duct tape.
– If you suspect that you’ve found a homemade tennis ball firework, don’t touch it. Stay a safe distance away from this object.
– Unfortunately, such fireworks can easily be made at home. On top of that, the internet is swarming with recommendations on how to create firecrackers on your own. These recipes are often incorrect and unsafe.
– In 2017 alone, almost 13,000 Americans ended up in their local ER after firework accidents. 8 more people lost their lives. Most of these deaths happened when something went terribly wrong while setting off homemade fireworks.
– It’s vital to make children and teenagers aware that their pyrotechnic activity can cost them their health and their life. What’s more, it can lead to injuries for other people, small kids, and animals.

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