I Want To Be Self Employed But Dont Know What To Do

Are you thinking I want to be self employed but dont know what to do? This is quite common for a lot of people who dream of setting up their own business but are unsure of the legal steps involved with going self employed for the first time.

In this article, I will give you some clear self employment tips to help you get started.

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Going Self Employed For the First Time

I want to be self employed but dont know what to do – Well the very first thing you need is a great idea and a superb system to earn money.

For the practical steps, once you start earning an income you need to register as self employed online. Follow the steps below:

  1. If you live in the USA register on the IRS website
  2. If you live in the UK register as self employed with HMRC


Think about why going self employed is important to you first. Here are some facts:

    • Jobs have been exported to other countries. And we are importing skilled professionals from other nations.
    • Social Security and Medicare are going bankrupt.
    • Savings are being wiped out.
    • There’s a woeful lack of financial instruction provided by America’s schools.
    • The government is powerless to assist you.
    • In case you’ve got an entitlement mindset, expecting the authorities fund and to fix your issues, forget it.
    • It’s true that the rich are becoming richer, and the middle class is disappearing.
    • These claims aren’t left-wing political rhetoric, they are facts.
    • If you’re middle class, you have to decide whether you want to become a person that is wealthy or become person barely scraping by. Take action now.


What Should Americans And Entrepreneurs Around the World Do?

It is simple, Robert Kiyosaki says, if you wish to be rich, solve problems. I say, solve issues on a basic level.

We need to help Americans get the literacy not supplied in schools.

Most schools are preparing students with Industrial Revolution job abilities that are obsolete, rather than 21st Century skills to flourish and build their own companies and to begin.

No surprise so many students drop out.

Many students realize the irrelevancy of what is being taught, then leave.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard University, completely bored.

Michael Dell is worth billions, also, beginning as a PC-selling college student, then dropout, and business founder.

What can the middle class do to become wealthy and avoid becoming poor?

  1. Rapidly accept the middle class is disappearing and, if you don’t crave poverty, then you need to become wealthy.
  2. Adopt rich people’s belief system that they should be wealthy, self-employment is the key to success, and that schooling is important to prosperity.
  3. Sound Christian philosophy asserts the same things. Considering wealth to be immoral has no foundation in the Bible. We Christians serve a wealthy God who wants us to generate wealth and invest it wisely.
  4. Accept as unavoidable that the government cannot do anything to guarantee your success.
  5. Learn how to become wealthy from self-made wealthy people, including Oprah, a billionaire, Robert Kiyosaki, a multi-millionaire, Brian Tracy, and several others. They sell materials that you understand financial literacy, showing you how they became wealthy.


How To Become Self Employed At Home

Starting self employment means that you become more in control of your own timetable. 

Many people love to learn how to become self employed at home because it means that they can support their loved ones and children more often and with less stress.

For example, owning and operating a handyperson business, like every other small business, is self employment.

You can choose a service based business to work from home if you have training in a specific area.

Or you can start an online business to work towards earning 6 and 7-figures on autopilot.

This means you work on your own and you do it all are accountable for doing it for your customers and yourself.


Benefits Of Learning How to Become Self Employed At Home

Self employment has offered the freedom of doing your thing, but if you earn a living you must be ready to manage the tough work of doing it all yourself.

This is particularly the case when starting out with a little investment.

There are plenty of funds available and you have to go out and get them.

That’s true for people starting companies, but for those with the abilities and the business acumen self-employment may result in a higher living standard.

For years getting health insurance has been the most critical barriers to self employment.

That obstacle has dropped, eliminated by the Affordable Health Care Act that makes quality health insurance accessible to self employed people inexpensive.



Now’s the time to begin your self employed company and set yourself up before your employer terminates you.

You may even start part-time and after that expand it into a full-time company.

Watch this blog for more info.

The economics carries on to improve gradually and the number of traditional jobs accessible has grown significantly.

Nonetheless, some of those new jobs are at much lower wages so much so the median income has declined by $5,000.00 annually since 1999.

This makes self employment particularly attractive.

The housing market also carries on to improve, but it’s still much more challenging to get financing.

While this isn’t great news, it does bode well for people who invest in property and find a way to become self employed for home because people have a tendency to want to learn this from you.

Now instead of thinking I want to be self employed but dont know what to do, you can say with confidence, ‘Yes! I am ready for this new venture to begin!’


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