I Think My Girlfriend Is Using Me For Money

Love is a wonderful thing, but sometimes you can be as blind to your emotions.  As you can be associated with someone who is a bad partner. It can be so loving that you fall in love with someone who wants to take you to the bank. So in this article, we will discuss a very important topic that men worry about, ‘I think my girlfriend is using me for money’. Check to see if there are certain causes and symptoms that will help you.


The Signs She Just Wants your Money


1. The red flags

What your partner does is never good enough.  And he or she is always looking and pointing out what someone else has bought. Another red flag is if the focus always seems to be on other couples in your care. It’s always about a good table in the new trendy restaurant when you go out with friends, not a movie and a beer forever. You always pay. And the biggest red flag can be seen during the holidays.

2. Save your money

Keep your credit cards for yourself. You shouldn’t need an expense account from anyone. What changes require your support in addition to having the resources? Second  Are there any transactions where you share or are offered the opportunity to share at least one invoice? Has your partner unexpectedly thrown something at you in return? Good old-fashioned generosity is a good sign of character (within your means of course be careful if you are trying to influence your ability).

3. Don’t talk about money

Discuss finances as the topic naturally arises dinner dates, work discussions with friends and other couples. It is part of our whole life; It should appear relatively quickly since people love to talk about their careers. This should definitely happen within the first few weeks, and if it doesn’t  will start thinking and maybe be a little more proactive in giving up.

4. The question of credit scores

Student loans and major purchases, such as a car or a house, are a good time to enter the content of credit scores. Having a well-paid career path and a low credit score and tons of student debt doesn’t mean they’re generally behind your money, but it does mean that you should be aware of the possibility.

5. What if you are too deep?

Get a post-nuptial agreement. As best you can, have separate accounts. Make sure you have accounts with all of your current names and that the consumer is ultimately responsible for their own financial destiny in terms of solvency.

6. The true magic word

Budget, budget, budget. And just spend within your means. If your partner is going to use credit, make sure it is your account and not yours. Follow the steps above as you strike up a relationship and let your characters’ compass be your ultimate guide without making the mistake of marrying a gold digger in the first place.


Before you go, I hope this above article I think my girlfriend is using me for money is helpful and informational for you.


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