Art Marketing Vlog: Taxes {Keep GOOD records ALL year long!}

Art Marketing Vlog: Taxes {don’t be scared}
Tax time can be stressful so make sure you keep good records throughout the year so you will have everything ready when tax time comes. I recommend hiring a good tax preparer to help you know what business expenses you can deduct because they will likely think of items you have not considered. I am NOT a tax professional, this is NOT tax advice, this video is to help you have all your receipts and records in order come tax time.

Keep receipts for:
travel expenses for business related trips (hotel, meals, mileage)
Professional organization fees
Copy/Print fees
Subscriptions to publications and professional services like discount buying vlubs, mailing lists, Networking clubs

Also keep track of what you pay assistants, you might need to have them fill out a W9 if you pay them over $600 per year.

If you hire a babysitter so you can work you may be eligible for a child care credit.
Your tax preparer will know for sure and help you pay the correct amount of tax and even advise you if you should be sending in quarterly payments.

This is not Tax advise, this is to help you be ready for tax time, always consult with a professional if you are unsure. I am NOT a tax professional but have been a working artist for 15 years and I ALWAYS use a tax professional to prepare my return. I suggest you do the same but have all of your receipts in order when you do.

Art Marketing Vlog: Taxes {don’t be scared}

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