How To Twerk

Today I show you how to twerk correctly. Think you know how to Twerk? Think again!
Many people find twerking difficult, but I’m here to show you how it can be extremely easy & sexy. Ever since my great grandfather discovered twerking nearly 200 years ago every girl & her horse has been attempting to twerk, but little do they know they aren’t actually doing it correctly. Follow the step by step instructions in this video and you’ll be twerking like my great grandfather in no time! Make him proud!

95% of people that Twerk are actually doing it incorrectly, ultimately resulting in them looking like they’re having a seizure. Help them out by linking them to this video! Not only will you teach them to twerk correctly, you’ll also be helping them look extremely sexy & yolky.

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Do you know someone who THINKS they know how to twerk? Link them to this video and explain that they are actually doing it incorrectly.

This video will teach you to twerk better than Miley Cyrus, which isn’t too difficult.

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