How to Start Work in MegaTypers and How to Get Payment from MegaTypers

Megatypers is a site that pays you to solve images (Captchas), or in other words, it’s a Data Entry job. Without a doubt, it is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. And in addition to earning money, we see that there are other benefits of working. So in this article, we will discuss how to start work in MegaTypers and how to get payment from MegaTypers.

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How to Start Work in MegaTypers

Megatypers is an online data entry website that pays its users to write captcha entries for them. Rate can start from $ 0.45 per 1,000 images to $ 1.35 per 1,000 images. It is one of the highest-paid and highest paid data entry websites. To start working at Megatypers you must first have a Payza or PayPal account, although they also accept Western Union as a payment processor. However, the minimum amount of money for a western union is at least $ 100. But for PayPal and Payza, the minimum cash is $ 3 and the payment will be automatically issued every Monday.

If you don’t have a PayPal or Payza account, then you must register (if you don’t know how to make a PayPal or Payza account, click here to know how). After signing up for a Payza account, you must now sign up for a Megatypers account. To do this, go to their website and click on the free registration button, add your email, create your password, enter your name, choose your payment method, if you have selected PayPal or Payza, then you need your email address.

How to earn money?

  • You can earn by rating images and referring people to the site.
  • To resolve images, there are two ways to do it, one is the “Start working” button that you will see when you register.
  • If you click this button, the images will appear slowly, use it if you don’t type very fast and you are a beginner.
  • And the other way to work is “High Speed (Beta) Work”, where the images get faster, so you get more images to solve and you can earn more money faster.

However, if you choose Perfect Money, enter your perfect cash account number. If you choose Western Union as your payment processor, please add the name of your country and city (remember, if you chose Perfect Money or Western Union, your minimum cash will be $ 100.

Therefore, I personally recommend you Use PayPal or Payza as your payment processor.)

Please make sure you have entered the correct payment details as they cannot be changed after registration.

More About How It Works:

Put an invitation code, you can use my invitation code if you don’t have “9KJA”. Check your finish button and preview the captcha image below. After that, click on the Register button.

Once you are registered, you are now logged into your account and select High Speed ​​Work (Beta) from the menu and click the start button, start working now. Prepare as many captchas as you can to earn more and more money.

If you can’t resolve a particular image then you need to click the Unknown button (don’t use it often or your account will be suspended by mega-types for several days).

Sometimes, when the MegaTypers server deals with multiple users, captcha images can come slowly.

To avoid that slowdown, buy booster packs but to buy boom packs you need to earn some money for the value of the boom pack.

Before you go, I hope this above article how to start work in MegaTypers and how to get payment from MegaTypers is helpful for you.

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