How To Send Invoice Through Email

Do you need to learn how to send invoice through email? Here is a short summary to help you out if you have a home business or startup. Email invoicing is the fastest way to pay; if you are debating how to send an invoice, it is best to choose to email it whenever possible. Paper invoices can get lost in the mail and it can be difficult to predict when the customer will receive them. Email invoices, on the other hand, are received immediately and, hypothetically, your customer can start processing the payment immediately.

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How To Send Invoice Through Email

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What is an invoice email?

An invoice email is an email that contains an invoice, usually an attachment, and a short note to the customer. Invoices should never come as a surprise, so your email can be a simple, friendly announcement that your invoice is attached and thanking them for their business.

Customize your client’s email template

Before sending an email invoice or credit, you can customize the email template that you will use to send to each customer. You can insert “data labels”, which are standard pieces of invoice / credit information, in the subject and body of your email. The default template already uses the following data labels, and you can remove or change them in your email:

  • Full name of the client
  • Customer name
  • Client last name
  • Invoice number (or credit number)
  • Or Invoice date (or credit date)
  • Invoice due date
  • Balance Due: Includes partial payments already made.
  • company name

Adding your invoice in your e-mail

  • The email address will be personalized with your business name and will read “On behalf of your business name.
  • However, if the recipient of your email replies to the email, the reply will be sent to their email address.
  • If you have created your invoice using a Word or Excel template you need to save that first and then look for the ‘upload‘ or ‘attachment‘ button in your email dashboard.
  • After you press the button you need to locate the invoice file on your laptop/computer.
  • Make sure that it saves the file after you have uploaded it and then you can send your email to your customer or client.
  • You can change this, if necessary. You will not be able to enter any data on the invoice within the email, so you need to use a template or software to create your invoice beforehand so that you can save the file.

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Email Subject

You can customize the subject line of your email and insert any data label by placing your cursor where you want to insert and clicking the data label from the menu above.

Email Body

You can customize your email message and use any of the data labels. Insert a new data label by placing the cursor where you want to insert the label. Then click on the data label you want to enter. Be sure to leave space before and / or after the data label so that it is formatted correctly in the email.

Sending an email invoices to customers

After creating an invoice for your customer, you will see a confirmation page with links to various actions for this invoice. Click on “Email”. You can also select the “Email” action from Reports, then Accounting, then Customer Reports, and then Invoices.

You will see a preview of the email that will be sent to your customer, which will use the format that you configured on the Templates page. The email will automatically fill in the address (es) on the customer record. You can send this email to include up to five different email addresses. A PDF document of the invoice will be attached to the email. You can also allow your customers to pay you a credit card, which will include a link to pay in the email. You can still customize the content of this particular email, if necessary. When you are ready to send, click “Send Email”. Your customer will receive an email immediately with the attached invoice. You can view the status history with the date and time you sent the email.

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