How to get Signed to a Record Label – @CasiinoSmooth

Are you asking yourself “How to get signed to a Record Label?” Well you should, and having an audience is the most important step if you are wanting to get signed to a music label. Technology makes it easy for the average person to think they have a chance at making it in the rap game. There are at least 100 new music artists a day who are also in the “rat race” to get the attention of a reputable record label and I promise you that the video below will create major insight on the steps to being successful in this music industry.

Everybody else is asking the million dollar question of how to get their music heard without paying loads of money and the answer is to have strategy and follow the basic steps in the following video. Are you tired of spamming your soundcloud links all over social media just to get a couple hundred plays? Are you tired of asking people to like and share your music on their pages just for exposure. Stop wasting your time posting your music on Facebook to the same audience only to get little results. Learn how to get people talking about your music and create a buzz big enough that record labels will be throwing their pens at you to sign their record deal! Other people might think they know how to get signed to a record label, but this information will give you the right kick start you need to get your career rolling in the right direction. The video below has tips that A&R music industry professionals actually give to their up and coming rap artists. Use the information wisely based on your situation and its guaranteed that you become a better prepared music artist.

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