How to Get a $10,000 Tax Refund!!!!!


Ever wonder how some people are able to get $10,000 or more in income tax refund. This video discusses the main two ways to accomplish that. A majority of individuals that get $10k, either make too little or over paid to much taxes during the year. The grass isn’t always green on the other side.

Link to my follow video explain why I would want a $10k tax refund.

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Mrs Balance Sheet is about one woman’s struggle to juggle FAITH, FAMILY, FINANCE & FITNESS.

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Mrs – I’m a devoted wife, full-time mom of 3 girls and I love Jesus and keeping my home beautiful.
Balance Sheet – I’m an accountant, investor, landlord, expert business consultant.

After getting my Bachelors degree in accounting and Masters degree in business I spent 10 years climbing the infamous corporate ladder only to discover God had another direction for me. Ultimately, I retired from corporate America at 32 yrs old and have been blessed abundantly since then. I am active CPA candidate. I hate having regrets, so after loosing my credit for passing part of the exam almost 10 years ago, I back at it.

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