How to Find Out Who Garnished my State Tax Refund

Do you want to know about how to find out who garnished my state tax refund? Normally, your federal income tax refund can only be garnished by federal or related government obligations. If you have to pay the IRS, overdue child support or federal student loans, your federal income tax refund may be garnished.

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How to Find Out Who Garnished my State Tax Refund 1
The short answer is if you are preparing to reimburse your state income tax, this information is found below. You will know if in most cases a state tax refund has been leveraged when you receive a Notice of State adjustment. Importantly, private creditors can take advantage of state income tax refunds. This is generally surprising for people who expect a refund.  But who are notified that the State withheld their funds due to the adjustment of the creditors. Creditors must also deliver a copy of the paperwork they submitted to the court so they can make their tax refund. This is called Embargo.


Who can predict my federal tax refund?

After waiting patiently and waiting for a refund from Uncle Sam at the time of taxes, the last thing you want to know is that your refund is dedicated. While federal income tax refunds are normally exempt from judgments and liens, there are some exceptions. These exceptions generally relate to debts with government agencies, including state governments.


Tax relief

The treasury department has a division dedicated to debt collection called the Treasury Compensation Program.  Or TOP which is managed by the Treasury debt management service. In order for the department to compile your tax refund.  The debt management service must receive a notification from the corresponding department with proof of the debt and the amount you owe.  And then verify it. Once this is completed TOP can deduct the required amount from your tax refund.


Debts embargoed

The debts eligible to file a tax return are debts with the government. Therefore, debts with individuals or companies are not eligible to offset tax returns. Any government agency can request compensation from your tax refund to help you collect the amounts owed. Common debts used for compensation include federal loans, but not private loans, child support with prior maturity, excessive payment of unemployment insurance, as well as fees and fines derived from those debts.
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Avoid Garnishing

If you believe that you have recently owed balances to government agencies, the best way to avoid your federal tax refund is to contact these agencies before filing your tax return to make payment arrangements. While your refund can still be collected, in most cases, you do not have to pay the full debt before filing your tax return; it is enough to establish a payment plan to avoid avoiding reimbursement of your federal taxes.

Preliminary steps

Generally, you will receive a notification from the Financial Management Service (FMS) informing you that you are receiving a refund. The notice will not only include an original reimbursement amount.  But will also include the dollar amount to which your reimbursement will be reduced.  And the name of the organization to which the IRS will transfer the funds.


Once your refund is received it may be months before you arrive at the state or federal organization for which you owe the debt. This is because some payments go to a link responsible for distributing payments to individual agencies. Only embargoes are taken to the IRS to be published immediately.

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