TO ALL THE SIDE HUSTLERS OUT THERE. To everyone that’s still grinding it out this Friday night while everyone else is partying.

Before you head out to your next festival or land your next sale online you need to check out this video on filing taxes. Note: the $600 rule doesn’t apply to you. Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.

Thanks to Judy for requesting a video helping out other creatives. Check out her awesome watercoloring tutorials:

Thanks to Steve for the tax help. He’s a great educator that makes a complicated thing like taxes easy to understand.


I am an Asian American entrepreneur in the midwest. Having spent my 20s learning as a creative and putting ideas into motion, I realized that the road as a creative is fulfilling, but more often than not, full of doubt and loneliness. We all need to be inspired from time to time. We all need motivation. We all need reminders. This channel is built on this foundation.

So, is this channel for you?

+ Do you learn and work in the creative space?
+ Do you find creating to be confusing, discouraging & lonely?
+ Do you find creating to be fulfilling, enlightening & inspiring?
+ Do you have an itch to start your own project?
+ Do you have doubts about your side hustle?

If yes, then yes.


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